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2-14-'85 by Phil Flott
7 on 7/7/07 by Mark Hudson
9/12 by Karen H. Honnold
19 Students and Two Teachers by William Marr
21 Candles by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
25 by William Carey
26/28 by John E. Slota
97, Coming to Terms & Goodbye by Michael Lee Johnson
100 Words on My Father with a Big Fish by Jan Presley
$275 Each by Carol Dooley
309 Garza Street by David Bond
700 Billion Acorns by Jim Lambert
9.11 and Heroes Came by Tim Breitzmann
11:34 Yesterday by John Quinn
13 Signs of Bad Luck by Alan Harris
15:6 by John Pawlik
1940s by Cassandra McGovern
1969---the War Within by jacob erin-cilberto
360 by Gwen Ames
2003, San Juan Comalapa, Guatamala by Wilda Morris
4017 Massachusetts by John Pawlik
A.D. by Ruan Wright
Abandoned by David McKenna
The Abode by Farouk Masud
aboard the Pequod by jacob erin-cilberto
About a Point by William Lederer
About Love by Jason Sturner
Above the Blue by jacob erin-cilberto
Absence by Judith Tullis
Absence of Light by Sally Calhoun
Abundance by Alan Harris
Accept It by David LaRue Alexander
Acceptance? by Marie Samuel
According to Goldilocks by Wilda Morris
Acer Rubrum by Candace Armstrong
Acres of Marriage by Rita Yager
Across the Pond to Hawaii by Marie Samuel
Acts of Heroism 4-16-07 by Ina Perlmuter
Acts of Martyrdom and the Merit of Virgins by Ina Perlmuter
Adagio, Sunrise by Mary Jo Balistreri
Adolescence by Bonnie Manion
An Adopted Christmas by Rick Sadler
Adoration by Patricia Gangas
The Advocate by John D. Evans
An Affair of Moths by Donna Pucciani
Affectionately Yours by Bonnie Manion
Affirmation by Barbara Robinette
Afresh by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
The African Drum by Joseph Kuhn Carey
After a Mostness of Hurt by Alan Harris
After All by Rafael Lantigua Medina
After Reading Nantucket by William Carlos Williams by Marcia Pradzinski
After I Argued with Francisco during Dinner in San Miguel de Allende and He Dropped Something into My Diet Coke by Wilda Morris
After Our Surgeries by Jill Angel Langlois
after Summer's Knowledge Capsizes by jacob erin-cilberto
After the Breakup by Joseph J. Solberg
After the Fall by Susan T. Moss
After the first Presidential debate... by Michael Escoubas
After the Holidays by Camille A. Balla
after the opera by Charlotte Digregorio
After the Storm by Bonnie Manion
After the Truce by Wilda Morris
After Video-Touring the Brooklyn Japanese Garden
during the Time of the Virus
by Gail Goepfert
after work jam session by Steven Kappes
After You've Gone by Tom Chockley
Afterlife by Charlotte Digregorio
Afternoon Moon by René Parks
Aftershocks in China by David McKenna
Against My Will I Think of You by David Bond
Age creeps first so slow by Gail Denham
Ah... The Cine-Ma by James Tosh
Ahimsa by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Ain't Life a Kick in the Pants? by Ina Perlmuter
Air by James L. Corcoran
Air Blowing from a Cubistic Fan: 3:20 A.M. by Sally Calhoun
The Alabaster Steel Steed by Bakul Banerjee
Alcoholic by Myron L. Stokes
Alien Abduction by William Vollrath
Aligned with the Sky by Kathy Cotton
Alignment by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
All Around by Marilyn Huntman Giese
all cats are gray in the dark by Steven Kappes
All I Have Is a Smile by Mike Ruhland
All in the Wrist by Marie Asner
All of Us by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
All roads out are blocked (haiga) by Alan Harris
All That Is Left by James Conroy
All That Moves You through This World by Marcia Pradzinski
All These Things by Jill Angel Langlois
Allison Wonderland by Gary Ketchum
Almost by Sheila Elliott
Alone by Farouk Masud
alone by Barbara Robinette
alone (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Alone but Never Alone by Bob McCarthy
Along Juday Creek by Bonnie Manion
along the des plaines river by Steven Kappes
Alpha Centauri by David LaRue Alexander
Always Something by William Vollrath
Always There by Marilyn Peretti
Always Twenty One by Jim Lambert
Alzheimer's Caper by Cassandra McGovern
Amargosa, the Hide-and-Seek River by Kathy Cotton
Amateur Night by Mark Hudson
Amazons by Caroline Johnson
Ambiente by Susan T. Moss
America the Beautiful by jacob erin-cilberto
America the Beautiful Revisited by Alan Harris
The American Dream by Beth Staas
The American Sin by Bonnie Manion
American Triptych by Beth Staas
Americanize My Assimilation by Farouk Masud
Amish Shopping by Bonnie Manion
among (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Amphitheater Canyon by James Reiss
Analog Love in a Digital Age by Christopher Kuhl
Analogies for Love by Alan Harris
Anatomical Drawings by Lennart Lundh
The Anatomy of a Teardrop by Jim Wilkerson
And Her Tears Are Happy Tears by Ina Perlmuter
And So On And So On by Paul Lubenkov
And Then There Is the Analyst by Sally Calhoun
Angel on Ice by Mardelle Fortier
Angel Stories by Sherri Baker
Angels by James L. Corcoran
Anika by Carol Dooley
Annie from Dundee by Cassandra McGovern
Anniversary Painted Scenes by Bonnie Manion
Anniversary Poem by Deborah Vitello
Anonymity by Michelle True
Anonymous by Susan T. Moss
Another Brave New World by Beth Staas
Another City Night by John J. Gordon
Another Draft by Charlotte Digregorio
Another Good Guy (Our Heroes) by David LaRue Alexander
Another Opening, Another Show by Carol Dooley
Another poem about airports- Spring Break 2017 by Mark Hudson
Ant Farm by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Antelope by Jenene Ravesloot
The Anti Abortionist Sucks Up Life in the Wake of Gerard Manley Hopkins and T.S. Eliot and His Own Early Past, He Totally Aware by Phil Flott
Anticipation by Susan T. Moss
Anticlimax by Barbara Funke
Antique Barn by Michael Escoubas
Antlers in the Snow by Marilyn Peretti
Anxiety by William Marr
Anxiety about Airplanes by Mark Hudson
Apathy by James L. Corcoran
Apiary by Donna Pucciani
Apostrophe by Phillip Egelston
Appetizer by Donna Pucciani
Applause by Donna Pucciani
Apple by William Vollrath
Apple and Eve by Ina Perlmuter
The Apple Tree by Farouk Masud
Appropriate Suburban Bumper Stickers by Richard Oberbruner
April 15th by Camille A. Balla
April Brings a Stirring by Annie
April in the City of Light by Mardelle Fortier
April: Month of Desire by Carole R. Bolinski
April of the Spirit by Alan Harris
April Words by Jill Angel Langlois
April's Promise by Goldie Ann Farkonas
Arachnophobia Cured! Or, Extinguishing the Autumnal Fear of House-Penetrating Ladybugs by Jason Sturner
Arboretum by Carol Dooley
Arbitration: Body v. Soul by Jim Valencia
Arched Like an Angel's Wing by Sheila Elliott
The Architecture of a Peace Sign by jacob erin-cilberto
Ariadne's Letter to Theseus by Jenene Ravesloot
Arbor and Winepress by Lennart Lundh
Arrival, New York, 1909 by S. Michael Kozubek
Aroma of Duty by Alan Harris
Art Appreciation—a Golden Shovel Poem by Emory D. Jones
Art for an absent audience-2011-2015 by Mark Hudson
Art Gallery by William Marr
Art History by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Art Lesson by Patty Dickson Pieczka
The Art of Photography by Idella Pearl Edwards
The Artist by William Marr
As Crickets Dance outside our Window by jacob erin-cilberto
As Far Beyond As Here by Alan Harris
As His Car Is Winched From a Deep Ditch at 5 AM, The Poet Turns Philosophical by David Bond
As It Is by Ivan Petryshyn
As Raaga-s ensemble by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
as though (haiga) by Tom Chockley
As we lay by Mariana Al.Far
As Will Life by Jim Lambert
Ash Tree Elegy by Donna Pucciani
Ash Wednesday Again by Wilda Morris
Assisted Living by Todd Possehl
assisted living by Steven Kappes
At a Jazz Bar In Denver With My son and his Friends, I learn Something New by Mary Jo Balistreri
at dusk (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
At Bethel by Wilda Morris
At Long Last, Love by Barbara Eaton
At Norman's by Wilda Morris
At the Beach by Herb Berman
At the Beach by Chris Holaves
At the Beach by Joe Glaser
At the China Buffet: Szechuan Shrimp by Wilda Morris
At the Kitchen Sink by Camille A. Balla
At the Laundromat by William Marr
At the Pavilion Where Li Po Laid Down His Pen by William Marr
At the Still Point by Susan T. Moss
At the Tutankhamun Exhibit by Wilda Morris
At the V.A. Hospital by Wilda Morris
At the Vocational Training Center by Kathy Cotton
At Three Arch Cape by Christine Swanberg
At your table safe (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Atticus Abbey by Christine Cianciosi
Atticus Abbey II by Christine Cianciosi
Aubade by Wilda Morris
Aubade Melody by Marie Samuel
Audacity by Cielo Jones
august heat (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
August Morning (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Aunts and Ants by Mark Hudson
Autumn by Caroline Johnson
Autumn by Marguerite McClelland
Autumn by John Pawlik
an autumn alliance by jacob erin-cilberto
autumn aside by jacob erin-cilberto
Autumn Garden by Barbara Robinette
Autumn Immolation by Bonnie Manion
Autumn-Kissed by Camille A. Balla
Autumn Leaves by Goldie Ann Farkonas
autumn leaves fall (haiga) by Mike Schoenburg
Autumn Peace by Charlotte Digregorio
Autumn Rain by Mark Hudson
Autumn Saijiki by Tom Chockley
Autumn Scene on a Lake by Michael Escoubas
Autumn Scenery by Hanh Chau
The Autumn Tunes by Ivan Petryshyn
Autumn Woodlands (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
autumnal river by Tom Chockley
avantgarde (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Avoidance by John J. Gordon
Awaking by Marilyn Huntman Giese
Azerbaijan, Armenia, and all the Rest by Karen Fullett Christensen


Baby Daddy by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
The Baby of the Family Grows Old by Jim Lambert
Back Down Cabrini Green Lane by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
BACK IN DA DAY by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Back in the Villages by Mark Hudson
Back to Me by Cathy Lou Pearson
Backyard Conversation by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Bacon Sandwiches by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
Bacteria by Wilda Morris
The Badlands by Mardelle Fortier
Ballena Vallarta by Jenene Ravesloot
A Ball by Earl V. Fischer
Ball Game by Alan Harris
the banana tree by Steven Kappes
bandmaster by Steven Kappes
Bang Bang by David LaRue Alexander
The Banquet by Wilda Morris
bare branches (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Bare trees are dancing (haiga) by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Barista by Caroline Johnson
Barnyard Barney by Richard Shaw
Baseball Before Little League by John J. Gordon
The Baseball Player by Chris Holaves
Basking by Michael Escoubas
Battle Lines by Kathy Cotton
BE by Gary Ketchum
Be As One by Rick Sadler
Be Yourself by Maureen A. Geary
Beach Lovers by David McKenna
beachhead (haiga) by Tom Chockley
beaded party necklace (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Beating the Boundaries by Lucy M. Logsdon
The Beautiful Other by Kathy Cotton
The Beautiful Purple One by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Beautiful Women by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Beauty by Alan Harris
The Beauty She Holds by Hanh Chau
Because He Turned Away... by Abby Strasser
Because of the Rain by John J. Gordon
Because of you by Tracy Costello
Because You Choose Me by Kathy Cotton
Beckoning by Sharon Simmons
Becoming by Todd Possehl
Becoming the Person I Never Thought I'd Be by Candace Armstrong
Been to the River by Chris Holaves
Bees by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Before by David LaRue Alexander
Before the Moon fell in love by M. E. Hope
Before the Snow Flies by Jill Angel Langlois
Before the Storm by Caroline Johnson
Before There Was Rorschach by Lennart Lundh
Beginning Lines by Sheila Elliott
Beginnings by Joe Glaser
Behind Glass by Marcia Pradzinski
Behind Irish Scenes by Marie Samuel
Behind the Make-up by jacob erin-cilberto
Behold the Holy One Comes by Patricia Gangas
Beige by Tim Breitzmann
Being Right by G. Jordan Maclay
Belief by Deborah Vitello
Believing Makes It True by John J. Gordon
Below Zero by Jason Sturner
Beneath a Flirtation by Alan Harris
beneath old trees (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Beneath My Rusty Steel by Debbie Neal Crawford
Beneath the Silver Gate by Sherri Baker
Bernie's Adopted Guam by Rick Sadler
Berry Picking During Dementia by Carole R. Bolinski
Beside the X by Alan Harris
The Best Present by Deborah Vitello
Betta Dreams by Larry Turner
A Better Place by Idella Pearl Edwards
Between Heaven and Earth by William Marr
between the fifth and the ninth by jacob erin-cilberto
Between the Lines by John E. Slota
between two parallel mirrors (haiga) by William L. Lederer
Beyond by Charlotte Digregorio
Beyond the Line by Jim Lambert
Big Bang by William Vollrath
The Big Bang by Wilda Morris
Big Brother by Kathy Cotton
Big Problems by William Lederer
Big Smile by Alan Harris
The Big Yellow Book by Idella Pearl Edwards
The Bigger Fool by Jody Dickey
A Biker's Route 66 by Carole R. Bolinski
Billboards and Bluegill by Mark Hudson
Binary Stars by Jill Angel Langlois
Bipartisanship by John J. Gordon
Bird & Wings by William Marr
Bird Omens by Alan Harris
Bird Song by Jill Angel Langlois
bird song (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Bird Story by John Pawlik
The Birdwatcher by Caroline Johnson
Birth by Marguerite McClelland
Birth by William Vollrath
Birthday by William Vollrath
Birthday in Jail by David McKenna
A Birthday Song by William Marr
Bits of Shingerleen by Marie Samuel
Bitter by Jill Angel Langlois
Bitter Tea Still by Joe Glaser
Black by Patricia Gangas
Black and White by Jill Angel Langlois
black as night by Tom Chockley
Black Butterfly by Undra' Ware Sr.
The Black Death by Mark Hudson
Black Friday 2019 by Mark Hudson
Black Man DuPage by Richard Oberbruner
Black Satin by Mardelle Fortier
Black Soldier's Lament by David LaRue Alexander
Blackout by William Marr
Blaming the Moon by Frank Hubeny
Blank Verse by Annie
blast of snowflake stars by Carol Dooley
Bless This World by Marthalyn Dale Smith
Bliss Woods Walk by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Blindsided, Broadsided and in Hindsight by Marie Samuel
Blossoms singing spring (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Blown away on Memorial Day by Mark Hudson
Blue by Gail Denham
the blue book value of 17 by jacob erin-cilberto
Blue Blanket by Molly Seale
Blue Eyes Singin' in the Rain by Mary Jo Balistreri
Blue Jeans in the Garden by Rick Sadler
The Blue of Seven Seas by John Wolf
Blue Penguin Revelry by William Marr
Blue Shoe Image by Barbara Robinette
the blue silk (haiga) by Susan B. Auld
Blue Sky by Caroline Johnson
Blue Tina by Rita Yager
Bluebell Picking, England, 1964 by Ruan Wright
Blueberries by James Reiss
Blueberry Cobbler by Myron L. Stokes
Bluebirds by Maureen A. Geary
Blues Bar by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Boatload by Tom Roby
Body Tuning by Gail Goepfert
Bohemian by Todd Possehl
Boiler by Caroline Johnson
Bones by G. Jordan Maclay
Bones of Divorce by Kathy Cotton
The Book of Snails by Mark Hudson
Boom by Tom Roby
Boomers by Todd Possehl
Boots by Marguerite McClelland
The Borrower by Marie Asner
Bottom of the Ninth by David McKenna
Boundaries by David LaRue Alexander
Boundaries by Cassandra Crossing
Bowing to the Wind by David McKenna
Bows and Poetic Wrapping by jacob erin-cilberto
Box Canyons by Lennart Lundh
Box Turtle by Margarete Cantrall
The Boy and the Moon by Cathy Lou Pearson
Boy on a Bike by Ruan Wright
The Boy's Fingers by Phil Flott
Bozenna in the Polish Home by James Conroy
Branches Reach by Gail Denham
Breakfast Breakdown by Teresa Harris
breakfast tea by Tom Chockley
Breaking the Code by David McKenna
Breaking the Fast by Kathy Cotton
Breath by Ruth La Sure
Breathe early morning (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Breckenridge in Early Autumn by Michael Escoubas
Breezy Welcome by Gail Denham
Brian's Poem by Michael Escoubas
Bricks and Stones by Marguerite McClelland
Bridal Wreath by Bonnie Manion
Bridge Through Tough Times by Marie Samuel
Bridges to Justice by Marie Samuel
Bright by William Vollrath
A brighter ray... by Gari Light
Brilliance by Charlotte Degregorio
Broadway and Devon by Susan T. Moss
Broken Below by David McKenna
Broken Down by Deborah Vitello
Broken in Half by Gail Denham
Broken Nights by John Quinn
A Broken Road by Patty Dickson Pieczka
BROTHER ME by Rick Sadler
Brother Tim by Robert Burns Mounts
Brotherhood Lost by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Brothers by James Reiss
A Brown Bear Kissed Me by Wilda Morris
brown grass flat by Tom Chockley
The Brown Thumb by John Quinn
Buddha figurine (haiga) by Tom Chockley
buffeted by Steven Kappes
Bug in My Kitchen by Alan Harris
A Bullet Just Flies by David LaRue Alexander
Bullfight by William Marr
Burial Clothes by Larry Turner
Burnt Island Memory by Lucia Haase
BUT by Ina Perlmuter
But there were infinite variations . . . by Michael Escoubas
Butterflies by Mary Jo Balistreri
Butterflight by Alan Harris
The Butterfly by Idella Pearl Edwards
The Butterfly Catcher by Carole R. Bolinski
Butterfly Effect by Barbara Funke
Butterfly Restaurant by James L. Corcoran
A Butterfly Specimen by William Marr
Byron's Siren by Mark Hudson


Cabernet by William Vollrath
Cabrini by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Cabrini Green Rewind by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
cacophony (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Cactus Flower by Michael Escoubas
Caesura by Wilda Morris
The Café by Bakul Banerjee
Café de France view (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Café in Autumn by Susan B. Auld
Caffé in the Cinque Terre by William Carey
Caged Wildness by Kathy Cotton
Cairns in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin by Marcia Pradzinski
California Summer by Michael Lee Johnson
Calvary by John Pawlik
campfire sparks ark by Tom Chockley
Camping Out in Autumn Days by Michael Escoubas
Can I Caress You As Tenderly And As Gently As A Sam Cooke Riff? by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Can we see God worshipping with open eyes or praying with eyes closed? by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
Can You Dig It, Girl? by Jason Sturner
canadian haiku by Jennifer Thiermann
Candles Gazing In Tranquillity by Irfanulla Shariff
Candy Man by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
cape bridge by Steven Kappes
Cappella Sistina by David Bond
Captain Eddie by Mark Hudson
CAPTAIN'S LOG (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Capturing the Moment by Charlotte Digregorio
Car Wash by Usha Mahisekar
Careful, Don't Rustle the Paper by Gail Denham
The Carnival by Doris Frey
Caroline by Barbara Eaton
Cars by William Marr
Carousel by G. C. Rosenquist
The Carousel by Bonnie Manion
Carving Out a Belief by Gail Goepfert
Casino Dealer by William Marr
Castine by John Pawlik
catfish (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Catoons by Gail Denham
Cats by Farouk Masud
Cats by Arthur Voellinger
Cats by Jenene Ravesloot
Caveman to C.E.O. by Mark Hudson
Caverns by Jill Angel Langlois
Celebrating Together by Rafael Lantigua Medina
The Celebration by Sherri Baker
Celebrations by Donna Pucciani
Cellebration by Arthur Voellinger
Cemetery Road by Patricia Gangas
Century for Freedom, Century for Peace by Larry Turner
Cezanne by Mark Hudson
Chain Sawing Yesterday by Jim Lambert
Chained by G. C. Rosenquist
Challenges by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Chamomile tea (haiga) by Barbara Robinette
Change by John E. Slota
A Change in Life Form by Rick Sadler
Change Is for the Better by Michael Talaga
changing seasons by Steven Kappes
Channel by Candace Armstrong
Chaotic Beauty by Jill Angel Langlois
Character Study by Sandra M. Bringer
Chasing Determinism by G. Jordan Maclay
Chasing the Muse by Gail Denham
Cheshire smile (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Chester, Illinois, 12:01 AM by David Bond
Chicago by Pat Petros
A Chicago Day in Winter by Marcia Pradzinski
Chicago, Night by Donna Pucciani
Chicago Poem by Phillip Egelston
Chicago Winter Dibs Haibun by Tom Roby
Chichi Jima by Mark Hudson
Chickadee's Polar Vortex Shiver by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Chicken Pox by Phillip Egelston
Chickory, You Kill Me by Terry Slaney
Chief Mourner by Beth Staas
A Child's Evening at Oak Grove Church by Jan Presley
children by Michael Nickels-Wisdom
Children in a Boat by Mardelle Fortier
Children of the Mound by Kathy Cotton
Chosen Child by Bonnie Manion
Chocolate by Idella Pearl Edwards
Choice by Donna Pucciani
Choices by Pamela Larson
Choices by Patricia Gangas
Christmahanukwanzaa by Kathy Cotton
Christmas among the Pine Trees by Rick Sadler
The Christmas Angel by Jill Angel Langlois
The Christmas Angel by Rick Sadler
The Christmas Blouse by Barbara Eaton
Christmas Craft Sale by Carol Dooley
A Christmas Embrace by Michael Escoubas
Christmas Eve by William Marr
Christmas Eve by Marie Asner
A Christmas Light by Alan Harris
Christmas Meditation by Annie
The Christmas Mind by Rick Sadler
A Christmas Mood by Chris Holaves
Christmas Morning by Mary Jo Balistreri
Christmas Mourn by Mary Blinn
Christmas Snow by Michael Escoubas
Christopher by E. Izabelle C. Alexander
Christol Redentor by Patricia Gangas
Church by Arthur Voellinger
The Church Mothers by Myron L. Stokes
Cicatrize by Candace Armstrong
Cigarette Smoke by William Marr
City Blueprint for a Country Bard by jacob erin-cilberto
City on Fire by Candace Armstrong
City Spill by Alan Harris
City Windows by William Marr
Cityscape by William Marr
Class Clown at his 50th high school reunion by Mark Hudson
Class of '60 Memoirs by Marie Samuel
Claire de Lune by Alan Harris
Classroom Assimilation by Judy Galati
Clean Monday by Chris Holaves
Cleanup by Gail Denham
The Clearing by Scott Shaffer
Clearing Weeds by Nancy Clark
Clematis by William Marr
Clock Watcher by David LaRue Alexander
Clone by Farouk Masud
Clones and Drones by Marilyn Huntman Giese
A Closed Door by Chris Holaves
Cloud Castle by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Cloudy with Occasional Rain by William Marr
Clover by Jill Angel Langlois
Clypeasteroida by Michael Escoubas
Coffee by David LaRue Alexander
Cold by James L. Corcoran
Color by Bob McCarthy
The Color of Roses by Mardelle Fortier
Colors by Farouk Masud
Colors flowing —Dim (haiga) by Rafael Lantigua Medina
The Colors of Summer by Sherri Baker
Colour by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
Colours by John Pawlik
Come to Me in April by Melissa Huff
Comet Verse Poem to Yeats by Lucia Haase
Comfort Smells by Frank Hubeny
The Comfortable Man by Marilyn Huntman Giese
Compassion by Idella Pearl Edwards
Compassion by Barbara Eaton
"Compassion Saves World" Today — A Hopeful Villanelle by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Communion by Wilda Morris
Concrete Seascape by Jim Lambert
Condensed Trilogy by William Vollrath
Confession by Wilda Morris
Confessional by Theresa Broemmer
Confessions of a Spider Murderer by Carole R. Bolinski
Conflict on the Steppes by Rick Sadler
Connected by Chris Holaves
Connecting by Marilyn Huntman Giese
Consciousness (haiga) by William L. Lederer
Consolation by Wilda Morris
CONSTANT WHIR (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Constructing a Poem by Michelle True
Contemplating Assumption by Robert Coté
Contemplating Shirley by Alan Harris
Contemplation by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
Continuous Presence by Bakul Banerjee
Contraption by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
Contrast in Hard and Soft by Ina Perlmuter
Contronyms for a Winter Day by Sheila Elliott
A Conversation on a Rainy Day by Sherri Baker
Conversation with My Mom by Michael Escoubas
Conveying My Thoughts by John J. Gordon
Cooking by William Marr
Cool Treat by Arthur Voellinger
Cooley High in Reverse by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Cooper's hawk (haiga) by Tom Chockley
The Cop by Jim Valencia
Corona Free Style by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
corrida (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Cosmic Communion by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
Cosmically Created Color by Frank Hubeny
Cosmology as Astronomy by Lennart Lundh
Cosmic Sea by Farouk Masud
Cottage by Maureen A. Geary
Cotton Balls by Larry Turner
The Cotton Pickers by Myron L. Stokes
Cottonwoods Cheer by Robert Coté
Counting to One by Alan Harris
Country's fluff -Winter by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Covert Action by Marie Asner
Covid-19 Pandemic Social Distancing (Haiku) by Irfanulla Shariff
Cowboy by Tom Roby
Cowboy by Richard Shaw
Cowboy Boots by Donna Pucciani
Crab Rangoon by Wilda Morris
cracker store by Steven Kappes
Cradled by Theresa Broemmer
Crayling Creek by Wilda Morris
Creatures of Habit by Bruce Amble
The Creek by Wilda Morris
The Creepies by Farouk Masud
Cremation by Larry Turner
Crest by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Crest above Flood Stage by Candace Armstrong
Cricket by William Vollrath
The Crime by David Spencer
Crisscrossing paths by Mark Hudson
Crocus in the Mud by Candace Armstrong
Crocuses by Marguerite McClelland
Crooked Woman by Donna Pucciani
Crouching for Water by Gail Goepfert
Crowded by David LaRue Alexander
Crowing Croton by Marilyn Peretti
Crown Point by John Pawlik
Crows by Michael Lee Johnson
Cruise, Part One  For Mardelle by Barbara Eaton
Cruising Altitude by Donna Pucciani
Crusader by David LaRue Alexander
The Cry of Everything by Alan Harris
Crystal Visions by Patty Dickson Pieczka
CTA Train Ride by Marcia Pradzinski
A Cup of Iced Tea by Hanh Chau
Cure for Frustrations by Carol Marcus
Curfew by Marie Asner
Curtain Pierced with Light by Jenene Ravesloot
Current by G. C. Rosenquist
Cutting Out the Cancer by Patricia Gangas


D A D by Doris Frey
Dad's Chapeaux by Susan T. Moss
Dad's Henry J by Alan Harris
Dad's Pocketknife by Wilda Morris
Dads 101 by jacob erin-cilberto
Dagger's End by Leo Gher
Dahlias by Donna Pucciani
Dance by Rafael Lantigua Medina
The Dance by Mardelle Fortier
Dance of Life by Syreeta L. Williams
Dance of the Eighteen-wheeler by Andrew Rafalski
Dance to the Butterfly Dance by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Dance with Me by Lennart Lundh
Dancing on Democracy's Grave by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Darfur (Fugue) by Pamela Larson
A Dark Horse by William Marr
Darkness by Fred C. Wilson III
Darkness by Thom Schmidt
Darkness by Sherri Baker
Darla by John Pawlik
A Daughter, A Son by Bonnie Manion
Davidian Sonnet Deviation by David McKenna
Dawn awakens lake (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Day by Barbara Robinette
Day in the Park by Barbara Eaton
A day is coming by Scott Shaffer and Michael Escoubas
the day they took the trees by Steven Kappes
Daylight Savings by Susan T. Moss
Days by Hanh Chau
Dead Ahead by Jim Hanson
The Dead Make the Best Lovers by Farouk Masud
Dead Robin by Donna Pucciani
deadheading marigolds by Jennifer Thiermann
Dearest Victory Lynn by Rick Sadler
Death Comes Upon Us by Jill Angel Langlois
Death of a Poem by Michelle True
A Debt of Gratitude by Chris Holaves
December: Chaplin's The Gold Rush by Barbara Eaton
December Morning by Susan T. Moss
Death by Chocolate by Wilda Morris
Dedication by Beth Staas
Deep Coffee, Alone by Alan Harris
deep fog (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Deep Peace by Mary Jo Balistreri
Deep-Fried Twinkies by William Vollrath
defender of the weak by Steven Kappes
Defining One by Goldie Ann Farkonas
Degas at the Ballet by Mardelle Fortier
Degas' Woman by Mary Jo Balistreri
Degrees in Pilfered Humanity by jacob erin-cilberto
Delighted with Daisy by Michael Talaga
Deluxe Box of Crayons by Kathy Cotton
Dementia by David LaRue Alexander
The Demise of the Winter Coat by Bonnie Manion
Denial by Judith Tullis
Departure by Tom Moran
depth of azure sky (haiga) by Alan Harris
Depthless Weightless by Mark Hammerschick
Deserts Happen by Kathy Cotton
Design for Living by Tom Roby
Desire by Barbara Funke
Destination Sevilla's Warm Winter Embrace by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Destinations by Michael Escoubas
Detasseling Crew by Wilda Morris
Detour Ahead by Cathy Lou Pearson
Dew Drop by Hahn Chau
dew on the patch (haiga) by Wilda Morris
Different Perspectives by Pat Petros
Dialogue with the Man in the Moon III by John E. Slota
Diamonds by Marcia Pradzinski
Dichotomy of a Lobotomy by Mark Hudson
A Different Box by Cassandra McGovern
A Different Time by John J. Gordon
Digit, Avila by Donna Pucciani
Dilemma by Carol Dooley
Dilemma by Alan Harris
Dill Pickles by Susan T. Moss
Dinner at Bistro Monet by William Vollrath
Dinner Party Arrangements by Tom Chockley
Dinner with Friends by Jim Lambert
Diplomacy by Arthur Voellinger
Discovering Synergy by Kathy Cotton
Discovery by Thom Schmidt
A Distant Guitar by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Dive Bar Saturday Night by Carol Marcus
Diver Song by John Pawlik
Diversities of Gray by Kathy Cotton
Divertimenti by Tom Roby
Divinity by Alan Harris
Division Street, Chicago, U.S.A. by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Do Not Stand At My Urn And Weep by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
The Doe by Susan B. Auld
The Dog Doesn't Bark Anymore by Jenene Ravesloot
Dog-Ruby by Jan Presley
A Dog's Worst Enemy by Annie
Doggy Treats by Susan T. Moss
dogwood buds (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Don't Follow Me by Michelle True
Don't Stare Too Long in that Darkness by Cielo Jones
Door by Alan Harris
The Doorbell Child by Doris Frey
Doors Softly Shut by Gail Denham
Doris and Rock, Saturday Evening by Lennart Lundh
double rainbow by Jennifer Thiermann
Doubling Up by Joe Glaser
Doubting God by Patricia Gangas
Douglass and Divine Intervention by Mark Hudson
Dove Missile by Alan Harris
Down the Alley by Gail Denham
Down, Down in the Tao by Alan Harris
downpour by Jennifer Thiermann
downpour by Tom Chockley
Dragon by Herb Berman
Dragon Fire by Mark Hudson
Dragons by William Marr
Dream #1) r.e.m.ember by John E. Slota
Dream a Little Dream by Barbara Eaton
Dream of Black Rain by Jill Angel Langlois
Dream Poem to Violin by Mardelle Fortier
Dream Spelling Me Out When I Can't Write by Mary Krane Derr
Dream Weaver by Barbara Eaton
The Dream-Maker by G. C. Rosenquist
Dreamer by Sally Calhoun
Dreaming of the Far West by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Dreams Are Like Sandcastles by Dr. Elana Ashley
Dreams for Sale by David LaRue Alexander
Dreams Have I by Doris Frey
Dreams of Glory by Herb Berman
Dreams of Irish Songs by David Spencer
Dreams of Spring by Teresa Harris
Dressed by Alan Harris
Drift by M. E. Hope
The Drifter by Teresa Harris
drought by Steven Kappes
Drought Ghazal Variation by Jenene Ravesloot
Drought Pantoum by Janene Ravesloot
Drowning by Farouk Masud
Drunk by William Marr
A Drunk World by William Marr
Duck Moment by Donna Pucciani
Duffers Delight by Arthur Voellinger
Dusk by Annie
dusk... (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Dust by Beth Staas
Dust to Dust by William Marr
Dustbowl Dry Deeper Than Skin by Barbara Funke
Dutch days by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Dusk Casts a Thin Shawl by Sheila Elliott
Dyed by G. C. Rosenquist


Each by Hanh Chau
each day by Susan B. Auld
each leaf is a life (haiga) by Alan Harris
Each Leaf Must Fall by Idella Pearl Edwards
Each Step by David LaRue Alexander
An Eagle at Starved Rock by Lucia Haase
Early afternoon (haiga) by Irfanulla Shariff
Early Morning, and the Birds Have a Familiar Song by Sheila Elliott
Early Morning Training by Jennifer Dotson
Earthbound? by David Christensen
Earthlings by Sally Calhoun
Earthly Enigmas by Tim Breitzmann
Earthworms by Kathy Cotton
East High School Class of '52 by Bruce Amble
Easter by Hugh Muldoon
Easter 2014 by Mark Hudson
The Easter Lilies by Chris Holaves
Easter Wish by Alan Harris
Eat My Intense Feelings by Rafael Lantigua Medina
eating frenzy (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
eating out by Steven Kappes
Eau d'Hogs by Steven Michael Kellogg
Echo by Marcia Pradzinski
Echoes of Earlville by Alan Harris
Eclipse by William Marr
Economic Exodus by Mark Hudson
Edelweiss by Lennart Lundh
The Education of Michelangelo by Mark Hudson
Egg Scrambled by Don Cornwell
Egypt by G. C. Rosenquist
The Eidolon by Rick Sadler
Eine kleine Abendmusik by Lennart Lundh
Einstein and the Idiot by William L. Lederer
Ekphrasis: Side Note on K.C.'s Three Daisies by Jan Presley
Ekphrastic Poem by Cassandra McGovern
Elaborate Dreams by Jill Angel Langlois
Elderhood - Part One by David McKenna
Elderhood - Part Two by David McKenna
Election Year by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Elegy for a Roach by Jenene Ravesloot
Element Benevolence by Terry Slaney
Elevators by Arthur Voellinger
Eleven Lines by William Marr
Elixir by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Elope by Farouk Masud
Elsewhere by David McKenna
Elvis Sighting, Heart Of Texas Coliseum, Waco, Texas, October, 1956 by Jim Lambert
Ember by Jill Angel Langlois
Embers by Bonnie Manion
Empty by Susan T. Moss
An Empty Sky by Joseph J. Solberg
Enabled Savor by Arthur Voellinger
An Encounter by William Marr
The Encounter by Susan T. Moss
An Encounter in an American Wood by Paul Buchheit
Encountering Refugees by Bakul Banerjee
The End by Carol Dooley
End of the Summer Solstice by Mark Hudson
End Times by Farouk Masud
Enduring the Unacceptable by Jim Lambert
Enflamed by Mardelle Fortier
Engineers by Arthur Voellinger
English Teacher Unbound by Alan Harris
Enough by Carol Marcus
Entanglement by Mark Hudson
Entering Another Stage by Barbara Lauderdale Hearn
Entering Old Age by Bonnie Manion
Epiphany by Tom Moran
Equality by Tim Breitzmann
Equilibrium by Bonnie Manion
Escape by Joe Glaser
Essential Truth by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Eternal Silence by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
eulogy (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Eulogy for Prathia Hall Wynn by Wilda Morris
Even Now by James Reiss
evening downpour (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Even the Sky Has Got the Blues by Karen Fullett-Christensen
An Evening Question by Alan Harris
Evensong by Pat Petros
Evensong by Tom Roby
Ever Complaining and Unsatisfied by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
Everglades, Hiding by Donna Pucciani
Every City Is My Home by James Conroy
Every Gust of Wind Is a Poem by William Marr
Every Scar of Us by Kathy Cotton
Everyman by Bonnie Manion
Evolution by Thom Schmidt
Evolution of Letting Go by Kathy Cotton
Exceptional by Marie Samuel
Excursion by Charlotte Digregorio
The Existentialists by James Conroy
Exotica by Marguerite McClelland
Experts and Folk by Alan Harris
Expressive Eyes by Carol Marcus
Extravagant Color by Kathy Cotton
Extreme Loving by Candace Armstrong
Eye Contact by Kathy Cotton
Eyes by Jared Smith


Face Masking by Teresa Harris
the face of evil by Steven Kappes
Facing the Elements by Beth Staas
Facing Winter by Kate Hutchinson
Fading by Thom Schmidt
Faerystruck Down by Jason Sturner
Failure by Usha Mahisekar
Faith in the Fall by Mark Hudson
fall afternoon soft light (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Fall Approaches by John E. Slota
Fall Creek by Jill Angel Langlois
Fall from Grace by Beth Staas
Fall in Illinois by Karen H. Honnold
Fall Splendor by Michael Escoubas
A Fallen Goddess by William Marr
Fallen Petals by Wilda Morris
A falling fall leaf (haiga) by Alan Harris
falling leaves by Steven Kappes
Falling Leaves, Falling Lives by Bonnie Manion
the family gift (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Family Tree by Deborah Vitello
The Fan Above My Bed by Judith Tullis
Fancying Fonts by Bakul Banerjee
Farmstead Shed by Carol Marcus
Fast Forward by John J. Gordon
Fatal Error by Barbara Eaton
Fate by Jenene Ravesloot
Father's Day by Bob McCarthy
Father's Day Weekend 2012 (a retro) by Mark Hudson
Fealty by William L. Lederer
Fear Not by William L. Lederer
February by Sheila Elliott
February at Green Lake by Wilda Morris
February on the Thames by Wilda Morris
feeding alfalfa by Jennifer Thiermann
The Feet by William Marr
Ferociously Feral to Priceless Princess by Idella Pearl Edwards
A Few Questions about Life by Jim Lambert
A Few Slow Winter Bees by Kathy Cotton
fictitiously real run-on by jacob erin-cilberto
Fiddle Lesson by Patty Dickson Pieczka
The Field by Ruth La Sure
A Field Day with the Virgin Mary by Rick Sadler
Fields by Patricia Gangas
Fields by Monty Mittleman
Filling Up by Joe Glaser
Final Stop by Arthur Voellinger
Finality? by Arthur Voellinger
Finch by Donna Pucciani
FIND A BROKEN SHELL (haiga) by Frank Hubeny
Find me by Tom Roby
Finding Common Ground by Kathy Cotton
Fine Tip by Debbie Neal Crawford
Fingers may have walked here by Jenene Ravesloot
Fire Extinguisher by G. C. Rosenquist
Fire Eye by Michael Escoubas
Fire of Spring by Pamela Larson
Firefly by William Marr
Firefly Summer by Judith Tullis
Firework by Usha Mahisekar
Fireworks Festival by William Marr
Fireworks in Chicago (Part 1) by David McKenna
Fireworks in Chicago (Part 2) by David McKenna
First and More by Arthur Voellinger
The First Circle by John Pawlik
First Day in New Old Town by Debbi Brody
First Draft of To-Do List for Future Lives by Lennart Lundh
First Fall by Marguerite McClelland
First Grade Cryptology by Beth Staas
First Love by Barbara Cagle Ray
The First Living Thing by James Conroy
First Night, Capodarco by Donna Pucciani
The First Snow by Donna Pucciani
first sun of spring floats (haiga) by Alan Harris
Fish and the Poet by William Marr
Fishing by Farouk Masud
Fishing the Poetic Pond by Shirley Anne Leonard
fishspeak by Larry Turner
A Fitful Germination by Jill Angel Langlois
a fitting tribute by Steven Kappes
Five by Tracy Costello
Five Definings by Alan Harris
Five Million Poems by Jim Lambert
Five Senses by Beth Staas
Five Things I Should Tell You by Lennart Lundh
Flats by Barbara Robinette
flickering flame (haiga) by Susan B. Auld
flight by Gail Goepfert
Flight by Jennifer Thiermann
Flight Plans by Arthur Voellinger
florida solstice by Steven Kappes
A flower blooms in Naperville by Mark Hudson
Flower Girl by Michael Lee Johnson
The Flowering and the Waning by Jeanette Helmbrecht
Flowers from Iraq by Farouk Masud
flowers stand sentry (haiga) by Alan Harris
Flu Shots by Tom Chockley
Flute Melodies Call by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
The Fly by David LaRue Alexander
Fly Like an Eagle by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Fly Upon the Waters by Rowena R.R.A. Maalikulmulk
Flying by William Marr
Flying by Phil Flott
Flying Westward by Marjorie Rissman
follow the call by Steven Kappes
Followers by Gail Denham
Following by Anne Dudek Slota
Foodie Triolet Variation by Tom Roby
Football by Bob McCarthy
Footfall Rhythms by Marie Samuel
For Aylan by Wilda Morris
For Emily by Ruth La Sure
For Her by John Pawlik
For My Dad by Sherri Smith
For My Wife... by Tom Moran
For Once by Marcia Pradzinski
For Pamela, recovering from a stroke by Melissa Huff
For Starters by Sally Calhoun
for the love of mind by jacob erin-cilberto
For Tony in Italy by Donna Pucciani
For Your Convenience by John Pawlik
Foraging for Scraps by Lennart Lundh
Forbidden City, Beijing by William Marr
Foreign Land by Shelley Hu
Foreigner by Hanh Chau
Foreknowledge by Larry Turner
forest (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Forest Meditation by Christine Cianciosi
forever by Steven Kappes
Forever by Constance Vogel
Forever Autumn by Sherri Baker
Forever Never Lasts by Carlos Bellamy
the formica table by Marcia Pradzinski
forsythia by Barbara Robinette
Fortunate on the Fourth by Mark Hudson
Fortune Cookie & Lunar Calendar by William Marr
Four Years by Jim Wilkerson
Fourteen bamboo leaves (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Forward Steps by Arthur Voellinger
Fossilized Fancies by Bonnie Manion
Fourth in the count by Gari Light
The Fourth Season by Carole R. Bolinski
Fowl Philosophy by John J. Gordon
Fragments by Sherri Baker
Fragments by Paul Vanni
Fragments of the Long Night by Jill Angel Langlois
Fragrant Day Sonnet by Kathy Cotton
France by Cathy Lou Pearson
Frank Lloyd Wright Buries His Love by Maureen Tolman Flannery
A Frayed Rainbow by Tom Roby
Free Falling by David McKenna
Free Style by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Freedom by Janice Doppler
Freedom is not free by Mark Hudson
Freight Trains and Fireflies by Marilyn Huntman Giese
Fresh Coffee by Judy Galati
Fresh Ground by Jennifer Thiermann
Freud and the Cat by Mardelle Fortier
Friend by Patricia Gangas
Friendliness by Arthur Voellinger
Friends by Carol Dooley
Friends by James L. Corcoran
Friends by Mike Ruhland
Friends and Feelings by Michael Talaga
Frigid Hearts by Teresa Harris
Frog by Eileen Landau
Frolicking Footsteps by Michelle L. W. Utendahl
From Beyond by Alan Harris
From Rough to Refined by Cathy Lou Pearson
From the Bridge by Jennifer Thiermann
From the Concentration Camp to the Promised Land by William Marr
From the Wings by Marguerite McClelland
Frostbitten by David McKenna
The Frozen Footsteps of Yesterday by Jim Lambert
Frozen Word by Kathy Cotton
Frozen Thoughts by Pamela D. Hirte
The Fruit of a Mystery by Rick Sadler
Fuel Dance by Gail Denham
Full Circle by Doris Frey
Full Moon by William Vollrath
Full moon through the trees (haiga) by Alan Harris
The Fundamental Aloneness of Death by Christopher Kuhl
A Furnished Attic by Marguerite McClelland
Further Dreams by Barbara Eaton
Further On Up The Road by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee


Game by Betty Carr
Game by James Reiss
Games with My Tomboy Sister by Charlotte Digregorio
Garden Globe by Donna Pucciani
The Garden of COVID by Caroline Johnson
The Garden of I Am Who I Am by Rick Sadler
The Garden of Songs by James L. Corcoran
A Gardener Drinks Elderberry Wine While Listening to Tchaikovsky, or, A Botanist's Guide to the Orchestra by Donna Pucciani
The Gardeners by Goldie Ann Farkonas
Gardening Sketch by Loren Zee
A Gathering of Cardinals by Chris Holaves
A Gazal for Working Men by Bakul Banerjee
Gelato sings, brings (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Gene - My Brave Brother by Michael Talaga
Genealogy by Christine Swanberg
Generalization by Arthur Voellinger
Generation Gap by Arthur Voellinger
Genocide by Paul Wolf
Gentleman of the Old School by Wilda Morris
GENUS: Felis genius by Glenna Holloway
Getting a Handle by Barbara Funke
Getting Ready To Move On by Jared Smith
Getting Real by Marie Samuel
Ghetto Heaven by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Ghost by Farouk Masud
Ghost I Am by Michael Lee Johnson
The Ghost of Benedictine Hall by Mardelle Fortier
The Ghost of You by David LaRue Alexander
Ghost Weather by Donna Pucciani
ghost ship by Steven Kappes
A Ghostly Woman—A Halloween Cento by Mark Hudson
Ghosts by Beth Staas
Giant Pumpkins by Mark Hudson
Giants Walking on the Roof by Candace Armstrong
Gibraltar by William Marr
giddy up girl by Gay Guard-Chamberlin
A Gift by Tom Moran
The Gift by Bonnie Manion
The Gift by Rick Sadler
The Gift of Music by Idella Pearl Edwards
gift wrapped memoirs from a young America by jacob erin-cilberto
Gifts That Stay by Alan Harris
Gilded Cage by David LaRue Alexander
GilletteMemories by Bonnie Manion
Giraffe by Wilda Morris
Girl X by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
The Given by David McKenna
Glad grace by Nancy Ann Schaefer
glass beach by Jennifer Thiermann
A Glen Campbell Tribute by Michael Talaga
Global Warming by William Marr
Glorify God by Bob McCarthy
Gloved One, Loved One by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Glued by gravity (haiga) by Alan Harris
Gnarled persistent tree (haiga) by Alan Harris
God Is Able by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
God Is Always There for Us by Michael Talaga
The God/dess's True Holy Book by Marcia Gutiérrez
God's Gift of Family by Idella Pearl Edwards
God's Lament by Doyle Raymond Vines
God's Message by Chris Holaves
God's Voices by John J. Gordon
God's World of Flowers by Idella Pearl Edwards
going on by Steven Kappes
Going to Rome by Donna Pucciani
Going to the Bakery by Marilyn Huntman Giese
Gold by Larry Turner
Golden Age by Ina Perlmuter
The Golden Age of Spain by Mark Hudson
Golden Ginkgo Leaves by Elizabeth Stanley King
Goldilocks Speaks Out by Wilda Morris
gone fishing by Steven Kappes
Good Advice by David McKenna
A Good Day by Caroline Johnson
Good Enough by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Good Friday by Marguerite McClelland
......Good Luck Storm by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Good Stuff by David LaRue Alexander
Good-bye by Tom Moran
Goodbye! by David LaRue Alexander
Goodbye by Donna Pucciani
Goodbye to Good's by Mark Hudson
Goodness by Dan Fitzgerald
Grace by Mary Jo Balistreri
Gramma's Garden by Mary Jo Balistreri
Grammy by Judith Tullis
Granddaughters by Kathy Cotton
Grandfather's Death (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Grandma Rinehart's Apron by Marie Samuel
Grandma's Garden by Bonnie Manion
Grappler's Gospel by Scott Shaffer
Grasshopper Creek by Mark Hudson
Grasshopper Now by Barbara Robinette
Gravity by William Marr
Gray's Elegy by Jim Hanson
The Great Adventure by Susan T. Moss
Great Beauty by Goldie Ann Farkonas
great eagle by Steven Kappes
The Great Forest by Rick Sadler
Great Land by Goldie Ann Farkonas
Great Stuff by Mary Ann Eiler
greek to me by Steven Kappes
Greeks Bearing Gifts by Chris Holaves
Green by Mark Hudson
Green Envy by Cielo Jones
A Green Grass Hill by Kathryn P. Haydon
Green Grow the Mountains by Bonnie Manion
Green Shade by David McKenna
The Green Tree by James Reiss
Green Wheat, Green Grass by Ivan Petryshyn
Greenhouse by Tom Chockley
Greeting 2004 by William Marr
Grey Sky by Farouk Masud
Grief Ghazal Variation by Jenene Ravesloot
Grief Is a Thief by Alan Harris
Griefs That Stay by Alan Harris
grieving all day by Barbara Robinette
Ground Zero by Larry Turner
Grounded by Tom Moran
Groundhog Day by Candace Armstrong
Groundhog Day 2016 by Mark Hudson
Growing Old by Paul J. Wolf, Ph.D
Growing Old by Marguerite McClelland
Growing Old by Charlotte Digregorio
Growing Old Together by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Growing Thin by Larry Turner
Growing Up in the Fifties by Bonnie Manion
Grown-up Lullaby by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Growth Hormone by Jim Lambert
The Guam Experience by Rick Sadler
Guernsey Glut by Cassandra McGovern
The Guniang Dilemma by Larry Turner


¿Habla Usted Español? by James Reiss
Hagi by John Pawlik
A Haiku by Tom Chockley
haiku by Gail Denham
Haiku (February, 2013) by Pamela Larson
Haiku (April, 2013) by Pamela Larson
Haiku by Bob McCarthy
Haiku by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Haiku by Nancy Ann Schaefer
haiku by Julie Warther
Haiku by Tom Chockley
Haiku for Haiti by John E. Slota
Haiku for Jim by Annie
Haikus by Ryan K. Sauers
Hair by Carole R. Bolinski
Hair by William Marr
Hale'lea by Bonnie Manion
Half-Bent Man by Myron L. Stokes
Half-Standing by Bonnie Manion
Hallowed Ground by Gail Goepfert
Halloween by William Marr
Halloween by James L. Corcoran
Halloween Heroes by Mark Hudson
Hammond by John Pawlik
Hand of God by Kate Hutchinson
Hang On by Gail Denham
Handgun by Phillip Egelston
The Hangman by David LaRue Alexander
Hangover Moon by Candace Armstrong
Happiness by Barbara Robinette
Harbaugh's by Carol Dooley
Harbinger by Frank Hubeny
Harbor by Chris Holaves
Harbor by William Marr
Harbor by William Marr
Hard Candy Memories by Sherri Baker
hard times by Steven Kappes
hard times again by Steven Kappes
Hard Women by David Bond
Hare by Wilda Morris
Harmony by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
The Harold E. Washington Central Library by Bonnie Manion
Harold's Halleluja by Michael Talaga
Harriet Tubman by Mark Hudson
The Harrowing Harassment of Huge Hair Hanging Over the Seat in Front of Me On An Airplane at Night by Mardelle Fortier
Harry's Place by Chris Holaves
Harvey by John Pawlik
Has All Been Said by Shirley Anne Leonard
Hauling Water by Caroline Johnson
The Haunted Picture by Rick Sadler
Haunted Triolet by Tom Roby
Have You Listened? by Gus Wilhelmy
Haven by Ruan Wright
The Hazelnut by Camille A. Balla
Hawker on Jackson Boulevard by Wilda Morris
He by Larry Turner
He Dreamed of Harbors by Patty Dickson Pieczka
He Is a Rock by Carol Dooley
he tells her (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
He too by David LaRue Alexander
Head in the Clouds by Joseph Kuhn Carey
Heading West by Susan T. Moss
Healing Meditation #1 by Alan Harris
Healing Meditation #2 by Alan Harris
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow by Mark Hudson
The Hearing by Doris Frey
Heart and Road by John Li
Heart Knot by William Marr
The Heart, Mind, and Soul of Christmas by Michael Talaga
Heart-Rhyme by James Conroy
Heartsong by Caroline Johnson
heat wave by Jennifer Thiermann
Heaven or Bust by Ken Cook
Heaven's Souls by Tracy Costello
Heavy D by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Heavy Equipment by Gail Denham
Heavy Metal Concert by Gail Denham
Hebros by Bonnie Manion
Heidi Klum by Bob McCarthy
Helen of Troy by Kate Hutchinson
Helicopter Seed by Donna Pucciani
Hell Won't Hold Me and Heaven Can't Keep Me Out by Farouk Masud
Hell Won't Hold Me and Heaven Can't Keep Me Out (Part 2) by Farouk Masud
Hello Sadness by David LaRue Alexander
Hemingway on the Left Bank by Mardelle Fortier
Hemispatial Neglect by Kathy Cotton
Her Anger Is Blue by Jill Angel Langlois
Her Chagrin by Bonnie Manion
Her First Night's Love? by Gus Wilhelmy
Her Grace Returns by Alan Harris
Her Kiss Is No Ordinary Kiss by Farouk Masud
Her Lips by Farouk Masud
Her Own Personal God by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
her sea shells by Tom Chockley
Herman by Gail Denham
Herman Melville Explains Himself by Wilda Morris
Hey Mary Full of Love by Rick Sadler
Hidden Expressions by Gail Denham
Hidden in God by Patricia Gangas
A Hidden Sky by Alan Harris
Hidden Treasure by Cassandra McGovern
High Noon by William Marr
The Hike by Carole R. Bolinski
Hindsight by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
His Name Was Ned by Candace Armstrong
History Never Changes by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
History of Chicago: We Meet Historically by Ivan Petryshyn
The History of Hamburgers by Mark Hudson
History's Lesson by Sheila Elliott
Hit and Run by Kathy Cotton
Hit Makers by Arthur Voellinger
Hitchhiker by Tom Moran
Hitching a Ride to Berlin at the East West German Border — 1977 by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Hoarfrost by Donna Pucciani
Hoary Heart Ages by Sally Calhoun
Hobby by Wilda Morris
Holding Hands (A Simple Pleasure) by Jason Sturner
Holding My Brother's Hand by David McKenna
Holding On by Phillip T. Egelston
Holding on with Dementia by Joseph J. Solberg
Holidays by Ivan Petryshyn
Holy Grail by David McKenna
The Holy Poltergeist by Rick Sadler
Holy Spirit by Syreeta L. Williams
Holy Water by Rick Sadler
An Homage to All Inspiring Poets by Carole R. Bolinski
Home by Jennifer Thiermann
Homeless by Susan Spaeth Cherry
Homeless by Jennifer Thiermann
Homeless (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Homeless with Imagination by Todd Possehl
Homely by Rita Yager
Honored Guest by Alan Harris
Hope by Michelle True
Hope by Bonnie Manion
Hope by Teresa Harris
Hope and Love by Alan Harris
horizon we give by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Horn That Tells the Tale by Jill Angel Langlois
horoscope by Steven Kappes
The Horror of the Holidays by Mark Hudson
Horseshoe Lake by David Gross
Hot by James L. Corcoran
Hotel du Danube Saint Germaine by Bonnie Manion
hotline call (haiga) by Tom Chockley
The Hour Glass Runs Dry by Gail Denham
The Hour of the Raccoon by Lucy M. Logsdon
The House That Was Ain't No Mo' by Chris Holaves
How I Spent My Cyber-Monday by Mark Hudson
How Long Can We Stay? by Phil Egelston
How the Light Gets In by Kathy Cotton
How To Be a Winner by Undra' Ware Sr.
How To Fully Blossom by Jill Angel Langlois
How To Make a Paper Airplane by Tom Roby
How to love a dead rabbit by Jenene Ravesloot
How To Write a Poem by Carol Schott Martino
How To Write an Etheree by Michael Escoubas
Howard Street in Chicago by Mark Hudson
Hubristic by Jason Sturner
human error by Steven Kappes
Human Fray by Sandra M. Bringer
Humid Evening by Alan Harris
Hummingbirds indulge (haiga) by Debbie Neal Crawford
hunger by Steven Kappes
Hunger by Donna Pucciani
Hunting the Land by Michael Escoubas
Hurricane Katrina: Misery ReVisited by Jim Lambert
Hymns Returning by David McKenna
Hypothalamus by Wilda Morris


I Age by Michael Lee Johnson
I Ain't Gonna Rhyme (For Leroy Weatherall & Joe Robinson) by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
I Am a Poet by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
I Am But a Traveler by Goldie Ann Farkonas
I Am the Door by Idella Pearl Edwards
I Believe in Mother Christmas by Rick Sadler
I Can by Sherri Baker
I Can Hear You Now by Susan T. Moss
I Cast a Poem into the Air by Jim Lambert
I Changed the Lights by Chris Holaves
I Clawed by Rita Yager
I.D. by Susan T. Moss
I Don't Know by Rafael Lantigua Medina
I Don't Want To Die In Chino Valley by Carole R. Bolinski
I Dream of France by Barbara Eaton
I Feel by Mardelle Fortier
I Find My Son by Marcia Pradzinski
I Get Up and Sing — Mary Oliver by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
I got lost there by Jenene Ravesloot
I had a ball in Cuyahoga Falls by Mark Hudson
I Have Never Cut My Hair by Jill Angel Langlois
I Hear Your Train Coming by G. C. Rosenquist
I Just Wish You'd by Candace Armstrong
I Know Who I Am by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
I Love a Monday by Judith Tullis
I Love You by Jason Sturner
I make Me by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
I married you by Mary Jo Balistreri
I Miss Chino Valley, Arizona by Carole R. Bolinski
I Protest Poem by Gail Denham
I Need a Cigarette by Farouk Masud
I Never Looked At It That Way by Tom Roby
I Praise You, Lord by Idella Pearl Edwards
I Remember Silence by Jill Angel Langlois
I Remember You by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
I saw a little field mouse by Annie
I See Autumn In You by Farouk Masud
I See You by Michelle Converse
I Sing with My Wings by Irfanulla Shariff
I smell your closeness by John Quinn
I spend the day with Gwendolyn Brooks by Wilda Morris
I walk over the cobbled streets by Jenene Ravesloot
I Walked Away by Scott Shaffer
I Walked to the Lake Tonight by Jill Angel Langlois
I Wanna Get Away From You by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
I Want a Mountain by Marilyn Peretti
I wish I'd been there by Idella Pearl Edwards
I Wish I Had Gotten His Name by Gail Goepfert
I Would Say by Ivan Petryshyn
Ice Age Art by Tom Chockley
Ice Folly by Susan T. Moss
Ice Sculptures by John J. Gordon
icebergs beach by Cyntha Gallaher
Ichabod Crane by Mark Hudson
Icicle drippings (haiga) by Alan Harris
The Ides of All Hallow by Marie Asner
Ides of March by John Pawlik
IF by Caroline Johnson
If I Could Become a Building by Idella Pearl Edwards
If I could choose by Martha S. Moss
If I Go Back Now by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
If I Had Lived 100 Years Ago by Marie Samuel
If I Told You by David LaRue Alexander
If I'd Married Poe by Mardelle Fortier
If the Ice Melts by Andrew Rafalski
If the sun could speak (haiga) by Alan Harris
If the White House were located in a peanut field . . . by Wilda Morris
If You Must by John Wolf
Ignorance Implicit by Alan Harris
Illinois Prairie by Bonnie Manion
Illinois Route 47 by Steve Delchamps
Illinois Summer Sunday Mourning by Jim Lambert
I'm fine by Mariana Al.Far
Images of Isabel by Michael Talaga
Imagin' by John E. Slota
Imagination by Caroline Johnson
Imagination by Jill Angel Langlois
An Impatient Little Dog by William Marr
in constant touch by Steven Kappes
In Her Own Time by Camille A. Balla
In Her Shoes by Barbara Eaton
In Permafrost by Phillip Egelston
In Pieces by Donna Pucciani
In Praise of Lady Poverty and Her House by Barbara Robinette
In Retrospect by Sally Calhoun
In Search of His War by John J. Gordon
In Search of Me! by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
In Summer by Candace Armstrong
In the Belly of the Whale by Caroline Johnson
In the City by the Lake by Gari Light
In the Face of by James Conroy
In the Flood of January by Mary Jo Balistreri
In the House on Emerson Street by Marcia Pradzinski
In the January Chill by Wilda Morris
in the old west near City Lights books by jacob erin-cilberto
In the Promise of a New Day by Ina Perlmuter
In the Seed by Kathy Cotton
In the Shade by Donna Pucciani
In the Shadow of the Design by Susan B. Auld
In the Spring Garden by Wilda Morris
In the Winter of the Polar Vortex by Sheila Elliott
In Their Shoes by Donna Pucciani
In Transit by Donna Pucciani
In Vincent's Bedroom by Wilda Morris
In Which I Discover Organic Farming by Christopher Kuhl
In which the formal gardens are made less formal by the folks who frequent them by Melissa Huff
Ina Maka and Others by Edward J. Herdrich
An inconceivable loss (The bears game) by Mark Hudson
Indelible Imprint by Bonnie Manion
Indiana Doesn't Call Anymore by Rick Sadler
Indiana Girl by Rick Sadler
Inequality by Mark Hudson
Inertia by James L. Corcoran
Infiltrated with the Army of God by Michael Talaga
Inner Art by Stanley Victor Paskavich
An Inner City Tale by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Inner Peace by Chris Holaves
Innerness by Alan Harris
Innuendos of Mass Deception by Farouk Masud
? (Insert smirking Walmart face here) by Abby Strasser
The Inside Door by Alan Harris
Inside the Inside of Love by jacob erin-cilberto
Insight by James L. Corcoran
Insomnia by Bakul Banerjee
Inspiration by Mardelle Fortier
Installation Art by William Marr
Instance by James L. Corcoran
Intelligent Creatures by Mark Hudson
Interior Landscapes by Kathy Cotton
Intermission by Alan Harris
The Internet Highway by Caroline Johnson
Interpreting Geese by Alan Harris
Intersections by Bonnie Manion
The Interview by David McKenna
Intimacy by Beth Staas
Into the Night by Christine Cianciosi
Intrepid Petals by Kate Hutchinson
Intuit by James L. Corcoran
Invisible Space by Marilyn Huntman Giese
Ireland in Summer by Bonnie Manion
An Inward East by Alan Harris
Irises by Sherri Baker
iRoomba by Tom Chockley
Ishtar by Jenene Ravesloot
It by John Pawlik
It Happens by Maureen Tolman Flannery
It Is Time To Slow Down by Irfanulla Shariff
it must be spring by Steven Kappes
It's a new season! by Syreeta L. Williams
It's Fall - Let's See by Rafael Lantigua Medina
It's Friday a juxtaposition by T. Smith
It's Not Over Yet by Gail Denham
It's So Amazing by Idella Pearl Edwards
It's Strange Today by Rafael Lantigua Medina
The Itch by William Vollrath
the -itions of it all by jacob erin-cilberto
It's My Life, but You're Welcome to Hang Around by Larry Turner


Jack & Jill by John Pawlik
Jackson's Opus by Carole R. Bolinski
Jade Buddha Temple, Bangkok by William Marr
Jail by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
January by Doris Frey
January by Goldie Ann Farkonas
January 1st by William Vollrath
January Adagio by Alan Harris
January Hag by Deborah Vitello
January Thaw by Paul Wolf
Jazz by James L. Corcoran
Jazz Singer by Cathy Lou Pearson
Jesus Belongs to Us (and We Belong to Him) by Michael Talaga
Jettison by Kate Hutchinson
Jewish Cemetery in Budapest by William Marr
Job Interview by Alan Harris
Joseph Whispers to My Son by Joseph J. Solberg
Journal Entry Seven by Susan T. Moss
Journey by Lucia Haase
The Journey by Lucia Haase
The Joy of August by Mark Hudson
The Joy of Inspiration by Mark Hudson
Judith's Gift by Ina Perlmuter
juggling memories (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
July Genesis by Barbara Robinette
July Night by Sally Calhoun
July with Nana by Susan B. Auld
June by Goldie Ann Farkonas
June by Goldie Ann Farkonas
jungle woman by Steven Kappes
Junk Sale Bonanza by Carol Dooley
Just Asking by Alan Harris
Just Because by Kathy Cotton
Just Give It a Try by Farouk Masud
Just greens by Lauren Finaldi Gurus
Just Me and the Sun by Charlotte Digregorio
Just One of Them Days by Jetara Perry
Just Out of Sight by Bonnie Manion
Just Some Old Guy by David LaRue Alexander


Kabul Dead End by Judith Tullis
Kaleidoscope of Obsessions by Mark Hudson
Kansas, Old Abandoned House by Michael Lee Johnson
Kansas summer (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Karma Yoga by Alan Harris
Katerina Witt Competes by Mardelle Fortier
Kathleen by James Reiss
Kathy Jean by John Pawlik
Käti by John Pawlik
Kayak Solitude by Scott Shaffer
Keys by Bob McCarthy
Keep the Outside Outside by William L. Lederer
Keeper of Secrets by David LaRue Alexander
Keeping America Beautiful by jacob erin-cilberto
Keeping Here by Alan Harris
keeping his opinions (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Key Notes by Arthur Voellinger
Kick by Barbara Funke
Killing Machines by Candace Armstrong
Kid Stuff by Myron L. Stokes
The Killing Site by Caroline Johnson
Kindness and Coffee by Frank Hubeny
A Kiss by Undra' Ware Sr
The Kitchen Faucet Attacks by Joseph J. Solberg
kitchen portrait by Marcia Pradzinski
Kitch-iti-kipi Spring by Idella Pearl Edwards
Knight of the Realm by David LaRue Alexander
Knitting the Bones by Barbara Funke
A Korean sijo by Tom Chockley
Knowing it all is (haiga) by Frank Hubeny
Kung Pao by Wilda Morris


Labor Day 2007 by Mark Hudson
Lady at Leisure by Michael Escoubas
The Lady from Dubai by Joseph Kuhn Carey
Lady Godiva by Cassandra McGovern
The Lady in Red Confides to a Friend after Visiting Phillies by Sheila Elliott
Lady Primavera by Goldie Ann Farkonas
The Lady Was No Tramp by Myron L. Stokes
Ladybug by Judith Tullis
The Lake by Caroline Johnson
Lake Erie by Mark Hudson
Lake Louise by William Marr
Lake Michigan Brutal Waves by Carol Marcus
Lake ribbon topaz by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Lament of Sister Julianna, a Fifteenth Century English Nun by Cassandra McGovern
The Lampwick Sputters by Carol Dooley
Land of the Burning Ground by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
The Language of Shells by Patty Dickson Pieczka
The Lapidary Annotates a Nursery Rhyme by Lennart Lundh
Large Oval Badam Leaf by Dr. S.V. Rama Rao
The Land of Broken Pipedreams by Mark Hudson
Larvae by James L. Corcoran
The Last by Mardelle Fortier
The Last Child by Sherri Baker
A Last Christmas by Mardelle Fortier
Last Days by John Wolf
The Last Goodbye by Judith Tullis
Last Leaf by Donna Pucciani
Last Night by Barbara Funke
Last Sunday by Doyle Raymond Vines
The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci by Mark Hudson
Last Swim by Maggie Kennedy
The Last Train at the Kosciusko Veterans Nursing Home by Myron L. Stokes
Last Voyage by Jim Lambert
last week of july (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Last Words by Jason Sturner
Late at Night by Kathleen Murphy
Late August Evening in Illinois by Michael Escoubas
Late Elegy for My Father by Jan Presley
late fall by Jennifer Thiermann
A Late Snow by Bonnie Manion
Late Winter in the Wetlands by Wilda Morris
Laughter in Heaven by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Laughter, the Best Medicine by Idella Pearl Edwards
The Lavender Lady of Kilaue’a, Kaua’i by Bonnie Manion
Lavender Lipstick by Michelle True
Lay Over by David McKenna
Lazy snow circles (haiga) by Alan Harris
Leaden clouds rumble (haiga) by Alan Harris
Leader of the Free World by Candace Armstrong
Leaf Corralling by Chris Holaves
Leaf Dance by Alan Harris
Leaf Fever by Carole R. Bolinski
Learned from a Bird Brain by Bonnie Manion
Learning the Ropes by Barbara Funke
Learning to Fish at Tortuguero by Wilda Morris
Learning to ride a bike by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Leaving It All Up to Christ by Michael Talaga
leaving on a jet plane by Steven Kappes
Leaving the Pyramid by David McKenna
Left Lane by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Legacies and more than a Day After by jacob erin-cilberto
Legacy at Play by Beth Staas
The Legend by Mardelle Fortier
The Lemon by Bonnie Manion
Leona by Marie Asner
Lepidoptera by Larry Turner
Lesson by Donna Pucciani
A Lesson from Icarus by Beth Staas
Lesson in Tending by Gail Goepfert
let nothing disentangle by Gail Goepfert
Let the Ocean Behold by Gari Light
Let's by Carole R. Bolinski
Let's Be Friends by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
Let's Meet Outside of Time and Space by Tom Moran
Let's not do something by Marguerite McClelland
The Letter by Sherri Baker
Letter from the Desert Museum by Donna Pucciani
Letter to a Friend in Ukraine by David LaRue Alexander
Letter to Mary Oliver by Wilda Morris
Letter to the Muse by jacob erin-cilberto
Letting Go by William R. Harshbarger
Letting Loose by Bonnie Manion
Liam, Eighteen Month Old by Bakul Banerjee
Library by John Pawlik
Lies, Lies, Lies by William Marr
Life by Usha Mahisekar
Life by Hanh Chau
Life Circles by Marie Samuel
Life Condensed by Debbie Neal Crawford
The Life I Never Got to Have by John Pawlik
Life is breathing life (haiga) by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Life of Eyes by Mardelle Fortier
Life-Sustaining Water by Frank Hubeny
Life's Melody by Caroline Johnson
The Light by Cathy Lou Pearson
Light beyond shadows (haiga) by Rafael Lantigua Medina
The Light That Never Fades by Mark Hammerschick
Light Years by Donna Pucciani
Lightning Rod by Kathy Cotton
Lighting the Way by Caroline Johnson
Lightning by Farouk Masud
Like a demagogue (haiga) by Alan Harris
Like a Rose by Syreeta L. Williams
The Likes of Him by Carole R. Bolinski
Lilith by Lennart Lundh
Lily by James Reiss
Limerick-1 by John E. Slota
Limerick-3 by John E. Slota
Lincoln's Blues by Tom Moran
The Line of His Decline by Bonnie Manion
Linear Lives by Sherri Baker
Linens by Gail Goepfert
Lions Park Pool by Kate Hutchinson
Liquid Life by Susan Farner
listen by Marilyn Peretti
Listening to a Childhood Song by William Marr
Listening to Christmas by Alan Harris
Listening to Jazz in the Coffeehouse by Mardelle Fortier
Listening to the Radio by Lennart Lundh
Litany of Exorcism by Rick Sadler
Little Boy by Mike Ruhland
Little Girl by Jill Angel Langlois
A Little Girl's Smile by William Marr
Little Red by Wilda Morris
Little Red Honda by Rick Sadler
Little White Circles by Rick Sadler
Little White Lies by Michelle True
live chalk art show (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Liverpool Airport by Donna Pucciani
Living in No Place by Bakul Banerjee
Living on Borrowed Time by Mark Hudson
Liz Makes Me a Matcha Green Tea Latte by Jenene Ravesloot
The Loaf by Donna Pucciani
Local Phenomenon by David Bond
Lock of Hair by Doyle Raymond Vines
Locomotive by Michael Escoubas
Logic by Phillip Egelston
Logic, Family, Water and Absolution by Sherri Baker
London by Night Sky by Lennart Lundh
London Romance by Wilda Morris
Loneliness Fades Away by Irfanulla Shariff
Lonely People by Chris Holaves
The Long and Winding Flow by Rick Sadler
Long-ago Ritual by Mardelle Fortier
Long Brown Coat by John Pawlik
Long Now Have I Loved You by Jill Angel Langlois
long past Christmas by Jennifer Thiermann
The Long View by Susan T. Moss
The Longest Night by John Quinn
Longing by Ruth La Sure
Look at the Birds by Idella Pearl Edwards
Looking Back by Charlotte Digregorio
Looking Beyond the Imperfections by Mark Hammerschick
Looking Down by Susan T. Moss
Looking Forward by Alan Harris
Looking in the Mirror by William Marr
Looking into the Eyes of Wolves by Mardelle Fortier
Looking Out the Back Door of Jackie B's Laundromat by Tom Moran
Lord How Shall I Pray by John E. Slota
Losing Control by Caroline Johnson
Loss by Cielo Jones
loss gained (haiga) by William L. Lederer
Lost by Thom Schmidt
Lost and Found by Tom Roby
Lost Childhood Harmonies by Mardelle Fortier
Lost in Autumn (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Lost Stories by Marcia Pradzinski
Lottery Parlor by Tom Chockley
Louse! by William L. Lederer
Love by James L. Corcoran
Love by Doris Frey
Love by Elizabeth Stanley King
Love Construction by Candace Armstrong
Love in These Times by Margery Parsons
Love Is In Nature As My Nature Is In Love by Rick Sadler
Love Letter by Wilda Morris
Love Perceived by Elizabeth Shack
A Love Renewed by John J. Gordon
Love Sick by Farouk Masud
A Love Song by Alan Harris
Lovebird by Barbara Funke
Lovely today's rays (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Lovers Euphoria by Mariana Al.Far
The Lower Falls of Yellowstone by William Marr
Lucidity Awakens by William Vollrath
Luck and the Black Book by Georgiann Foley
Lucky in Love by Bonnie Manion
Lullaby by John E. Slota
Luminosity by Gail Goepfert
Lunar Eclipse by Donna Pucciani
Lunchtime Dispatch from Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary by Gail Goepfert
Lust & Relativity by William Vollrath
Lust for Comfort by Jill Angel Langlois
Lux Nova by John Mahoney
The Luxury of Libraries by Mark Hudson
Lying in ER by Gail Denham
Lying in the Grass by Jill Angel Langlois
Lyra Angelica for Michelle Kwan by Mardelle Fortier


Macbeth and Junk Mail by Andrew Rafalski
Mad Dog by David McKenna
Magic by Cara Schuster
Magic Spell by Irfanulla Shariff
Magic Tricks and Politics by Mark Hudson
The Magic Window by Marguerite McClelland
Magnificent Moonlight by Michael Escoubas
Mahler's 5th Symphony by Alan Harris
maiden fair by Steven Kappes
Majestic Mountain Surroundings by Barbara Lauderdale Hearn
Make Great America Great Again by Mark Hudson
Makeshift Memorials by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Making Friends in the Freshman Dorm by Beth Staas
The Making of a Poem by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Mama Said.... by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Man Walking by Alan Harris
A Man with No Pulse by William Marr
Mandrakes climb shiny mountains (haiga) by William L. Lederer
Manhood by Arthur Voellinger
Mannerly by Arthur Voellinger
Mapping a Life by Susan T. Moss
March by Pat Petros
March by John Pawlik
March 2008 by Mark Hudson
March Folly sits cool (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
March Madness by Mark Hudson
March Madness by Marilyn Peretti
Marginal Gloss by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
Marine Life: Water Baby by Barbara Funke
Marking the Trail for April Fools in Zion by Barbara Funke
Mary Loves the Little Children by Rick Sadler
Mary Magdalene by Larry Turner
Marching to the Party Beat by John J. Gordon
Mariposa by David Bond
The Marriage Union of You and Me by Sandra M. Bringer
Martlets by John Pawlik
The Mary Christmas Lights by Rick Sadler
Mary's Christmas by Rick Sadler
Masked by Barbara Funke
Maskless Freedom by Carol Marcus
Masks Like Lions by Mardelle Fortier
Masquerade by William Marr
Mass by Lauren Finaldi Gurus
Matamoe by Tom Roby
Matchbox by Jennifer Thiermann
The Matter of Green Onions by William Marr
A Matter of Truth by Marguerite McClelland
Matthew 19:13 by Lennart Lundh
May by James Conroy
May by Goldie Ann Farkonas
May morning (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
May Nocturne by Alan Harris
May Opening by Alan Harris
Maya by Eve Lomoro
Maybe Once More? by Gail Denham
Mayo Clinic by Idella Pearl Edwards
Meander Beyond Fears by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Meaning by Michelle True
The Meaning of Meaning by Richard Oberbruner
Meditation by Tom Roby
A Meditation by Alan Harris
Meditation - I Hear the Twitch of Twigs by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Meditation on Light by Tom Moran
Meditations on Terri Schiavo by Larry Turner
Medusa by William Vollrath
Meeting by Alan Harris
Meeting Julio González by Donna Pucciani
Mega Dreams by Carol Dooley
Meknés Lahdim Square, August 12, 2018 by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Melted by Lauren Finaldi Gurus
memento si by Lennart Lundh
MEMO TO MAYA: I, Too, Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Memorabilia by Charlotte Digregorio
Memorial to Peace by Kathy Cotton
Memories Ajar by Pamela D. Hirte
memories by Steven Kappes
Memories of a Painting by Bakul Banerjee
Memories Sprinkled Gold by Ina Perlmuter
A Memory by Dan Fitzgerald
The Memory Field by Sherri Baker
Mental Closets by Cathy Lou Pearson
Mentor by jacob erin-cilberto
Merit by James L. Corcoran
The Mermaid by Mardelle Fortier
Merry Christmas by Doris Frey
The Message by Chris Holaves
messages in the dark by Steven Kappes
Meteor Shower over Tucson by Alan Harris
Mid-March, Northern Illinois by Wilda Morris
Midden by Wilda Morris
The Middle Way by Todd Possehl
The Middle Way by Alan Harris
Middle-Winter Midnight by David McKenna
Midlife by Sheila Elliott
Midnight by William Marr
midnight flight by Steven Kappes
Midnight in Midwinter by Alan Harris
Midsummer Triolet by Gary Ketchum
Midwestern Marriage by Mark Hudson
Midwinter's Eve by Melissa Huff
The Mighty Oak and the Humble Fir by Sally Calhoun
MilkweedTrail by Candace Armstrong
Milwaukee's January by Myron L. Stokes
Mimo by Candace Armstrong
Mimosa by Barbara Robinette
Mind by John Li
Mind Drawer by Gwen Ames
Mingled by Molly Seale
Mini Stroke by Carole R. Bolinski
Minnesota Nice by Judy Galati
Minotaur's maze (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Miracle by Larry Turner
Miracle Lady of the Eidolon by Rick Sadler
The Miracle of Spring by Bonnie Manion
Miracles by Ina Perlmuter
Miscarriage by Lauren Finaldi Gurus
Miscast Expressions by Chris Holaves
Miss Putnam by Wilda Morris
missed period (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Missing Feeding of the Birds by Michael Lee Johnson
Missing Sun — North Cape, Norway by Bakul Banerjee
mist veils by Tom Chockley
Mitchell at the Italian Village after his DUI trial by Diann Martin
Mixed Up by Tom Chockley
Mixed- up mind by Rita Yager
Mobius Life by Joe Glaser
Mockingbird by Mike Ruhland
The Modern Grave by Susan Spaeth Cherry
Modern to Matron by Marie Samuel
Modigliani's Leap February by Gari Light
Moldy Days by Gail Denham
Mom by Tim Breitzmann
A Mom for Christmas by Rick Sadler
A moment in time by Sherri Baker
Momma's Sewing Circle by John L. Axtell
Monday's Companion by jacob erin-cilberto
Monsters in My Closet by Tim Breitzmann
The Moon by Farouk Masud
The Moon and the Spoken Word by Jan Presley
Moon and Mars Conjunct by Alan Harris
moon-garbed by Larry Turner
Moon Rode by Mardelle Fortier
moon down (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Moon Dust by Wilda Morris
Moon Walk by Caroline Johnson
The Moonless Moon Festival by William Marr
Moonlight Musing by Sherri Baker
moonlit sky... (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Moonrise by Tom Roby
Moon's Beauty (Haiku) by Irfanulla Shariff
Moon's Call by Irfanulla Shariff
More Borders and Crossings by Marie Samuel
A More Productive War by Paul Buchheit
Morning by William Marr
Morning by Donna Pucciani
Morning by John Pawlik
Morning at the Seashore by William Marr
Morning Birds by John Quinn
Morning Blend by David McKenna
Morning Egg by Gail Goepfert
Morning Gossip by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
Morning Interlude by William Marr
morning mist (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Morning News by William Marr
The Morning Person by Idella Pearl Edwards
Morning Rain by Jason Sturner
Morning Song by William Marr
Morning wakes up to (haiga) by Rafael Lantigua Medina
A Most Welcome Ailment by Joseph J. Solberg
Mortality by Beth Staas
The Most Beautiful: for Katya Gordeeva by Mardelle Fortier
A Most Patient Winter by James Conroy
Mother and Child by Lennart Lundh
Mother Greets Newborn by Alan Harris
Mother Nature's HRT by William Vollrath
Mother's Prayer by Marilyn Huntman Giese
Mother's Secret by Alan Harris
A Mother's Tears by Bonnie Manion
Mothers of Cabrini by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Mount Fuji in Reflection by Michael Escoubas
Mountain and Lake by Donna Pucciani
Mountain, Skyscraper, Lotus, and Dam by Larry Turner
Mountain Vista by Michael Escoubas
Mountains by Todd Possehl
mountaintop vision (haiga) by Alan Harris
Mourning Dove by Nancy Clark
Moving Day by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Movements at Dusk by Melissa Huff
Movies by Todd Possehl
Mowing by Bonnie Manion
Mrs. by John Pawlik
Mrs. Dash (-) by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Mrs. Phelps by Gail Denham
Multiple Mirrors by Mardelle Fortier
Mum by Jennifer Thiermann
The Munich McDonald's by Joseph Kuhn Carey
Murder at the Palace Theater by Donna Pucciani
The Muse by Rafael Lantigua Medina
The Muse at Dawn by Frank Hubeny
Muse on a Gray Day by Gail Goepfert
Museum Skeleton by Susan T. Moss
Music by Irfanulla Shariff
Music Etched in My Mind by Carol Marcus
the music hurts by Steven Kappes
Music in the Air by Susan Farner
Music Lessons by James Reiss
Music note by note (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Music of Life by Pat Petros
musical colors (haiga) by Alan Harris
My Barren Hamlet by Charlotte Digregorio
My Best Dream Yet by Sandra M. Bringer
My Big Old Green Glass Floor Jug, by Barbara Robinette
My Black History Poem by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
My Brilliant Career by Barbara Eaton
My Brother's Keeper by Chris Holaves
My Bubble by Marie Samuel
My Cat by Irfanulla Shariff
My Covid19 Diaries: On Friday Night by Cielo Jones
My Cow, My Guru by Alan Harris
My Dear Ophelia, by Jenene Ravesloot
my dream (haiga) by Michael Nickels-Wisdom
My Echo, Myself by Beth Staas
My Father Feels the Sun on His Face Again by Kate Hutchinson
My Father, My North Star by Joseph J. Solberg
My Father's Chair by Karian Markos
My Father's Love by Chris Holaves
My Favorite Songs by James Tosh
My First by William Vollrath
My Firstborn by E. Izabelle Cassandra Alexander
My Flower to Victory by Rick Sadler
My Friend Marie by Wilda Morris
My Funny Mother by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
My God by Bonnie Manion
My Heart Goes to Guam by Rick Sadler
My Heaven by Sherri Baker
My Home Town by John L. Axtell
My Hummingbird by Jenene Ravesloot
My Last Poem by Lucy M. Logsdon
My Life by David LaRue Alexander
My Life by Michael Lee Johnson
My Life Is a Poem (and I've just been slammed) by Lennart Lund
My Life on Central by Barbara Robinette
My Memories Do Not Recognize Me by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
My Memories of Amsterdam by Irfanulla Shariff
My Mind in Autumn by Lucia Haase
My Morning Sickness by Jason Sturner
My Mother and God by John Quinn
My mother is the midnight kitchen by Gay Guard-Chamberlin
my mother was there by Marcia Pradzinski
My Mother's Feet by James Reiss
My Mother's Lap by Cassandra McGovern
my old car a teal wonder by Tom Chockley
my old school (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
My PC by Bonnie Manion
My Poetic Process by Barbara Eaton
My Private Constellation by Pamela D. Hirte
My Requiem for MLK by Rick Sadler
My Role ? by William Lederer
My Routine by Charlotte Digregorio
My Sweet Mary by Rick Sadler
My Third Eye Is Blurry by William Vollrath
My Trip to Egypt by Farouk Masud
My Ugly Venus, by Jenene Ravesloot
Myriad Migrations by Marie Samuel
Myself by Hahn Chau
Mystery by Mardelle Fortier
Mystic Slopes by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty


N A T I V I z M or SO... by Mike Yulish
A Name by Goldie Ann Farkonas
Names: Jewish Museum, Prague by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
Naming of the Animals by Beth Staas
Narragansett Bay by John Pawlik
Natalie's Note by Heidi Bellile
national cemetery by Steven Kappes
A Native Son by Doris Frey
Nature Presents... by Judith Stern Friedman
Natural Theology by Larry Turner
Nature's Healing by Marie Samuel
Nature's Love by Scott Frost
Nature's Rhythms by John E. Slota
A Naughty Lesson from Nana by Joseph J. Solberg
A Nautical Moment by Carole R. Bolinski
Near Shandelee by James Reiss
Needle's Eye by Alan Harris
the needles within by jacob erin-cilberto
Neighbor by Wilda Morris
a neighbor's field (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Neighborhood Picnic, Memorial Day 2002 by Larry Turner
Neighborhood Watch by William Marr
Neither Gay Nor Particularly Happy Being Straight by Job Conger
Neon Windows by William Vollrath
Never by Andrew Rafalski
Never a day without you! by David LaRue Alexander
Never an Unkind Word by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Never Give Up by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Never To Try Again by Cassandra Crossing
The Never-Ending Holocaust by Farouk Masud
Never Gone, Reassurance by Mardelle Fortier
New Apartment by Mark Hudson
new chirps (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
New Eyes by Sally Calhoun
New MONDAY by Andrew Rafalski
New Normal by Marie Samuel
New Notes for an Old Love Song by Mary Jo Balistreri
New Spring Resolution by Job Conger
A New Sweater by Carol Dooley
New Year Challenges by Marie Samuel
The New Year's Message by Barbara Cagle Ray
NEWS FLASH!!! by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
News Muse # 14 by Richard Oberbruner
News Muse # 39 by Richard Oberbruner
The Next Renaissance by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Niagara Falls by William Marr
Nickel Pickle by Joe Glaser
Nicole Bobek Throws a Party by Mardelle Fortier
Night by William Marr
Night by Alan Harris
The Night by Rafael Lantigua Medina
The Night Air by Farouk Masud
Night-Blooming Cereus by William Marr
Night Crawlers by Jan Presley
Night in the Wetlands by Wilda Morris
The Night Is Once Before by James Conroy
Night Knows by Joseph Kuhn Carey
Night Life by Wilda Morris
Night Light by Alan Harris
* Night Owl by Tom Moran
Night Rain by Bonnie Manion
Night Stand by Wilda Morris
Night Traveler by Candace Armstrong
Night Wear by Donna Pucciani
A Night with My Old Friend by Candace Armstrong
Nightcap by Candace Armstrong
The Nightingale and the Lark by Barbara Eaton
Nightmare: A Snake Poem by Wilda Morris
Nightmarish Rhyme by Farouk Masud
Nine // Eleven by David McKenna
Nine Steps to a Poem by Alan Harris
Nitroculturegen by Jeff Hubbard
No Good Deed and All That Jazz by Cassandra McGovern
No lament loud enough (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
No Man Owns the Land by David LaRue Alexander
No More a Bore by Marie Samuel
The Non-Event by Charlotte Digregorio
No Pale Moon by Kathy Cotton
No Ticket Required by Susan T. Moss
No Time by Jim Hanson
No Time To Keep by Tim Breitzmann
No Title by Gail Denham
Nocturnal by John Pawlik
Noah's Flood by Wilda Morris
Nocturnal Feast by Farouk Masud
northerlies by Tom Chockley
Northern Lights by David McKenna
Nostalgia by Carole R. Bolinski
Nostalgia (a tanka sequence) by Charlotte Digregorio
Not a Street by Dan Fitzgerald
Not All Guests Are Welcome by Cielo Jones
Not Alone by Jim Hanson
Not Born to Be Chattel by Wilda Morris
Not enough tasks by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Not Good Enough by Cassandra Crossing
Not Lonesome No More by Phil Flott
not playing dead by Amelia Cotter
note worthy by John J. Gordon
notes to god by Donna Pucciani
Nothing by David LaRue Alexander
Nothing Changes by Pat Petros
Nothing New Here by Marie Samuel
Nothing Was the Same by Gail Goepfert
November's Black Cat by Barbara Robinette
now by Donna Pucciani
Now by Marguerite McClelland
Now, Sweet Now by Alan Harris
Nowhere Blues by Phillip Egelston
Nude Descending a Staircase no. 2 by Beth Staas
Number 77 Belmont Bus by Rita Yager
Numen by John Pawlik
Nureyev magic (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Nuts and Bolts by Susan T. Moss


O, Carbondale by Leo Gher
O Spring by Jill Angel Langlois
The Oak by Nancy Clark
Oaks Near Town by Alan Harris
Obi by Beth Copeland Vargo
Obit by Candace Armstrong
The Observer by DavidMcKenna
Obsession by Margarete Cantrall
Ocean by Bob McCarthy
Ocean by G. C. Rosenquist
Ocean at Puerta Vallarta by Carole R. Bolinski
Ocean rides in, out (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Ocean rides in, out (haiga 2) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Ocean's Child by Doris Frey
October by John Pawlik
October 2048 by Jim Lambert
October in Vermont by Susan T. Moss
October Rush by Mark Hudson
Ode to a Corkscrew by Marcia Pradzinski
Ode to a New Day Being Born by Goldie Ann Farkonas
Ode to a Notepad by Todd Possehl
Ode to a Snowflake by Goldie Ann Farkonas
Ode to Shade by Charlotte Digregorio
Ode to the Confederate Air Force by William Vollrath
Ode to See Snow by Steven Michael Kellogg
Ode to the Stir-fried Cabbage by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Of Mace and Mien--the Gripes of Wrath by Jim Lambert
Of Hurricanes and Gentle Rain by Michael Escoubas
Off Button's Broke by Gail Denham
Office Space by Arthur Voellinger
Oh How She Sleeps by Phillip Egelston
Oh, to Be a Bird by Camille A. Balla
Ohio River Sojourn (Nov., 2003) by Marie Samuel
Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico by William Marr
Old Age by Marguerite McClelland
The Old Ball Game by William L. Lederer
old cemetery (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Old City Neighborhood by William Marr
Old Clothes by David Gross
Old Country Church Beside the Road by Barbara Cagle Ray
Old Dog Crossing by Rafael Lantigua Medina
An Old Family Recipe by G. C. Rosenquist
Old Folks at Weekday Mass by Joseph J. Solberg
The Old Man By The Road, July, 2006 by Jim Lambert
Old Man Nye by Gail Denham
The Old Man Talks to His Wife On a Day He’ll Always Remember by Lennart Lundh
Old Poet at the Open Mic by Kathy Cotton
Old song by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
Old Songs by John J. Gordon
Old Visions of Summer by Bonnie Manion
Om of Life by Cassandra McGovern
On a Hill above the Tappan Zee Bridge by James Reiss
on a winter day by Marcia Pradzinski
On a Visit to Starved Rock by Sheila Elliott
On Being Eleven in Florida by Gail Goepfert
On Burkas by Bonnie Manion
On Hope and a Wing by Bonnie Manion
On Passage by John E. Slota
On Silver Pond by jacob erin-cilberto
On State Street in Madison, WI by Joseph J. Solberg
On the 12th Day of Xmas by Tom Roby
on the burn pile (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
On the Bus (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
On the Egocycle by Joe Glaser
On the Glass by John Quinn
On the Importance of Wonder by Bonnie Manion
On the Local Train from Orvieto to Florence, Italy by Wilda Morris
On the Loom by Kathy Cotton
on the night before Christmas by Steven Kappes
on the roof by Steven Kappes
On the Way to Wisconsin by Sally Calhoun
On US Highways by Bakul Banerjee
On Viewing "Nighthawks" Once Again by Sheila Elliott
On Watching Hullabaloo Reruns on A.M.C. by Todd Possehl
Once, I Wanted to be the Weatherman by Barbara Robinette
Once Upon a Pick by William Lederer
"The One" by David LaRue Alexander
one daisy (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
One Day, Soon Perhaps, or Later by Lennart Lundh
One Glance by Alan Harris
One Last Turn by Phil Egelston
One Lonely Pillow by Candace Armstrong
one oak leaf by Tom Chockley
One Rose by Frank Hubeny
One Silky Thread by Tom Roby
A One-Way Road by William Marr
Ones by Alan Harris
Only because by Donna Pucciani
Only Two Left by John Quinn
Oops...That One's Not an Easter Egg! by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Opalescent Sea by Michael Escoubas
An Open Door by David LaRue Alexander
An Open Letter to My Ex by Sherri Baker
Open Mike by Michelle True
Open, Sesame by Barbara Funke
Open the Door by Idella Pearl Edwards
Open Water by Thom Schmidt
Open Window by Colette Shelby
Opening their hearts (haiga) by Alan Harris
Openings by Jim Hanson
Ophelia's Dream by Barbara Eaton
Opioid Blues by Tom Moran
Opus of a Lifetime by Sherri Baker
Oracle by Abby Strasser
The Orchard by Gail Goepfert
The Ordinary Citizen by Beth Staas
Oregon State Mental Hospital by Mark Hudson
Organ Music by Sally Calhoun
Orientation Day by Sherri Baker
The Orphan's Rose by Rick Sadler
Osmosis by Marie Samuel
the other periodic table by jacob erin-cilberto
The Other Side of 50 by Carole R. Bolinski
Our 44th Anniversary by Bonnie Manion
Our Church by Marie Samuel
Our debts to vets by Mark Hudson
Our First Warm Day by Alan Harris
our ghostly houses (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Our Graveyard by Jonathan Foster, OFM
Our Heroes by David LaRue Alexander
Our Lady Christmas at Williamsport by Rick Sadler
Our Lady's Campfire Christmas by Rick Sadler
Our Rock by Thom Schmidt
Our Space by Gail Denham
Out Alone by John Quinn
Out in back last night (haiga) by Alan Harris
Out of the Black Smoke by Alan Harris
Out of the Storm by Bonnie Manion
Outlets by Maureen A. Geary
Outwhere by Alan Harris
Overcoming by Candace Armstrong
Overload by I. F. Miller
The Owl by Idella Pearl Edwards


The Pace of Waiting by Jason Sturner
Packed by Marie Samuel
The Pact by Sally Calhoun
Padre Ernesto Speaks by Donna Pucciani
Paid For by Sandra M. Bringer
The Pain by David LaRue Alexander
Pain by Usha Mahisekar
Pain and Promise by Alan Harris
Pain or Hell by Rafael Lantigua Medina
The Painter by Chris Holaves
painting by the lake (haiga) by Barbara Robinette
Pandemic Pounds by Marie Samuel
Pandora by James L. Corcoran
Panic and Fear by David LaRue Alexander
Pantomime Dance by Candace Armstrong
Papa Don't Forget by Sandra M. Bringer
Paper Bells by Pamela Larson
Paradise Lost by William Marr
Paradoxymoron by James L. Corcoran
Parallel Realities by David McKenna
Paris Adventure by Wilda Morris
Paris, April 8, 1794 by Wilda Morris
park picnic (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Park Shade by Frank Hubeny
Parsifal by John Pawlik
Passerby by David McKenna
passing by Steven Kappes
Passing by Jim Hanson
Passing and Pausing by Alan Harris
Pastoral City by Maureen A. Geary
patches by jacob erin-cilberto
Patches by Barbara Cagle Ray
The Path by John Quinn
Pathetic by Carole R. Bolinski
Paths by Alan Harris
Patterns by Constance Vogel
The Pauli Exclusion by Phillip Egelston
Pausing at the Old Cowcamp They Used to Cuss by Glenna Holloway
Peace by Bob McCarthy
Peace by Bob McCarthy
Peaceful Revelations by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Peace Is the Color Green by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
Peaceful Journey...A Poem For PJ by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Peaceniks in the Garden by Mardelle Fortier
Peacock Museum by James L. Corcoran
Pending Declaration — A Gazal by Bakul Banerjee
Penned 1980 by Sheila Elliott
Pennsylvania backlog by Jeff Hubbard
Penny by Constance Vogel
Penny Pinchers by Stanley Victor Paskavich
peonies nod (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
People of the Lagoon by Mark Hudson
A Pequod Sailor Speaks by Wilda Morris
Percentages by Cathy Lou Pearson
perfect goose Vs by Tom Chockley
The Perfect Lie by David LaRue Alexander
A Perfect Moment by Sherri Baker
Perfect Pair by Arthur Voellinger
Perchance To Dream by Pat Petros
Perfection by Pat Petros
Perennial Blues by Tom Moran
Permissions by Alan Harris
Pernicious Visitor by Jill Angel Langlois
Persia, 1978 by Tom Roby
Petrarchan Sonnet by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Petrarchan Sonnet — Campari and Pomegranate Essence by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Pharaoh by Wilda Morris
Phoenix by Pat Petros
Phone Call in the Pandemic by Barbara Eaton
A Photo Op by William Marr
Photo Op by Arthur Voellinger
Photo Op, Early Evening by Tom Roby
Phototropism by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Phraseology by Arthur Voellinger
Piccolo by Donna Pucciani
picture puzzle by Jennifer Thiermann
Piece by Jill Angel Langlois
Pigeons by Donna Pucciani
Pills by William Marr
Pine Koan by Tom Roby
pink blossoms (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Pink Cellophane by Candace Armstrong
Pinned in Place by Marcia Pradzinski
Pioneer Ancestors, Abandoned Voices by Gail Denham
Pioneer Ten by Jim Hanson
piracy policy by Andrew Rafalski
The Pitcher by Chris Holaves
A Place Alone by Sally Calhoun
A Place I Go by Bonnie Manion
Plastic Flowers by jacob erin-cilberto
play by play by Steven Kappes
Play Time by Farouk Masud
Play, Way Back When! by David LaRue Alexander
Play, Way Back When! by David LaRue Alexander
Please Don't Read This by jacob erin-cilberto
Please Don't Shoot I want To Grow Up by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Please Go Away by William Vollrath
Pleiades, Suburban Chicago by Donna Pucciani
A Plethora of Pots and Pans by Carol Dooley
Plowhorse by Alan Harris
The Plum Tree Flower by Robert Coté
The Pneumatic Drill by Marcia Pradzinski
Poem #0 by Farouk Masud
Poem Full of Black, Black Water by Jenene Ravesloot
A Poem Is... by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
A Poem Stillborn by Beth Staas
Poem With No Secret: Spring, Giant City Park by David Bond
Poems Like Happiness by Elizabeth Felts Olmsted
The Poet and His Craft by Camille A. Balla
The Poet and the Pauper by Judith Tullis
The Poet in Kinsale, Ireland by Patricia Gangas
Poet on Holiday by jacob erin-cilberto
The Poet to Her Book: by Barbara Robinette
The poet who couldn't speak for himself by Mary Ann Eiler
The Poet's Body by Donna O'Shaughnessy
Poets in the Rain by Michael Lee Johnson
A Poet's Prayer by Beth Staas
A Poet's Prayer by Mary-Ann Westbrook
The Poet's Toolbox by Bonnie Manion
Poetry Day Trip by Lennart Lundh
The Poetry Flu by Michelle True
Poetry Is by Debbie Neal Crawford
Poetry Is What You Think But Do Not Say by Tom Moran
Poetry Partners by Mike Talaga (and Doreen Van Lee)
Poignant Pangs by Anne Dudek Slota
The Point by Jeanne Gerritsen
Point of View by Susan T. Moss
Polar Vortex by Marjorie Rissman
A Polish Village by John Quinn
Political Rehabilitation by Jim Lambert
A Politically-Correct Clone Song by William Marr
Politricks by Farouk Masud
Polygamy in Eden by Larry Turner
Pomegranate by Irfanulla Shariff
Ponderings by Martha S. Moss
Pontchartrain Beach by Donna Pucciani
popcorn by William Vollrath
Poppy Fire by Bonnie Manion
The Portrait by Farouk Masud
Portrait of Tennessee Walking Horse by Mary Jo Balistreri
Positive Force by Richard Oberbruner
The Possessed Pizza Delivery Man by Mark Hudson
possibilities by Steven Kappes
The Post Card by James Reiss
Postcard from the Chicago Water Taxi by Gail Goepfert
Posting Graveyards by Tom Roby
a pot full of whimsy (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Potential Side Effects by Andrew Rafalski
Potter by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
The Power of Words by Shirley Anne Leonard
The Practice of Steadiness by Kathy Cotton
Prairie View State Park by Joris John Heise
A Prayer by Paul J. Wolf, Ph.D
Prayer for My Dog by Patricia Gangas
Practicing by Tom Roby
Practicing the Art of Zen by Susan B. Auld
Praiseworthy by Arthur Voellinger
Prana by William Vollrath
A Prayer for Red-Winged Blackbirds by Wilda Morris
Prayer of the Pharisee by Beth Staas
Praying for the Lost by Idella Pearl Edwards
Pregnant by William Vollrath
Prelude to Happiness by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Presidential Choices by Farouk Masud
Presidential Pardon Turkey by William Marr
Pressure by Alan Harris
Pressure as an Artist Juggles Art and Daily Life by Mardelle Fortier
Pressure Points by Tom Roby
prevailing wind by Steven Kappes
Price for flight by Christine Cianciosi
Pride by James L. Corcoran
Primavera by Goldie Ann Farkonas
Primal Darkness by Christopher Kuhl
Prime Time by Arthur Voellinger
Primordial Stew by Mark Hammerschick
The Prince and the Elf by Curt Vevang
The Prince, and the Elf Too by Curt Vevang
Priscilla, Let's Dance by Michael Lee Johnson
Prisoner of Love by David LaRue Alexander
The Professor's Passing by Sally Calhoun
The Promise by Ina Perlmuter
Promise of an Eagle, to a Friend by Jason Sturner
Propositions by Wilda Morris
Prospects by Susan T. Moss
Prostitician by Farouk Masud
Provisioned by Bonnie Manion
pruning (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Psalm of a Wild Solitude by Mary Jo Balistreri
Puddles by Susan Spaeth Cherry
Puffy Jacket by Elizabeth Felts Olmsted
Pulse by Jason Sturner
The Puppeteer's Tale by Sally Calhoun
Purpose by James L. Corcoran
Purposes by Mariana Al.Far
Pushing through the Unknown by Mark Hudson
Putting Out the Word by Susan T. Moss


Qat by Steven Michael Kellogg
Quantum Entanglement in the Isles by Mark Hammerschick
The Queen and the Serpent by Rick Sadler
Queen Anne's Lace by Richard Shaw
Queen for a Day by Sherri Baker
Quest by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
A Question for the Father by Keith Skilling
Questions That We Need by Sheila Elliott
Quiet by Alan Harris
Quiet Joy by Kathy Cotton
A Quiet Storm by Phillip Egelston
Quietude by Charlotte Digregorio
The Quilt by John Quinn
Quilting Circle by Michael Escoubas


Race Against Time by Mary Jo Balistreri
Radishes by Susan B. Auld
Railing West by Alan Harris
Rain by Larry Turner
Rain by Michael Escoubas
Rain at Noon by Bonnie Manion
Rain at the Gravesite by Phil Flott
Rain Dance by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
Rain for a Mountain Nation by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Rain of Grace by Patricia Gangas
Rain Will Sometimes Wash Away a Road by Sheila Elliott
Rainbow by William Vollrath
Rainbow Gift at the Lake by Gail Denham
The Rainy Space Between by Lennart Lundh
Rainy Sundays by Mark Hudson
Raking the Yard by Tom Moran
rash wind by Jennifer Thiermann
Rat by William Marr
The Raven by Farouk Masud
Reaching Maturity by Carole R. Bolinski
The Reading by David Bond
The Reading of the Will by Barbara Cagle Ray
Reading Poetry Before Bed by Candace Armstrong
Real Magic by David La Rue Alexander
Real to Reel too Real by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Realignment by Kathleen Robinson
Rear View by Susan T. Moss
Rebirth by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Re-born by William Vollrath
Recipe by Larry Turner
Recipe for Disaster by Lucy M. Logsdon
Reciprocal Poetry Reviews--A Melding of Mediocrity by Jim Lambert
Recollecting Peonies by Laurie Lee Didesch
Recollections of a Writers' Colony by Mardelle Fortier
Recourse by Alan Harris
Recovery by Todd Possehl
Recycling by Susan T. Moss
Red Ants by Ina Perlmuter
a red bird sings (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Red Bridge by Ruth La Sure
Red Curtains by Sherri Baker
Red Dress by Kathy Cotton
The Red Flannel Shirt by Marcia Pradzinski
Red Grows the Sumac by Bonnie Manion
Red Hair Haunting by Marcia Pradzinski
The Red Headed Cowboy by Doris Frey
RED RUM... by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Red tulip alone like me (haiga) by Barbara Robinette
red winged blackbird (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Redemption by Chris Holaves
Redemption by Gary Ketchum
Redwoods by Susan T. Moss
Reflect by Sandi Caplan
Reflection of sky (haiga) by Elizabeth Stanley King
Reflecting on an Ocean's Day by Pamela D. Hirte
Reflection at Waikiki Beach by Camille A. Balla
Reflections on a Window by Kathy Cotton
Reincarnation by Carlos Bellamy
Reincarnation by Larry Turner
Reindeer on the Roof of His Reflections (for Father) by jacob erin-cilberto
Relationship Recovery by Michelle True
Relationships by Caroline Johnson
Relax by Gail Denham
Release by Gail Denham
Remember by Marthalyn Dale Smith
remember the music by Steven Kappes
Remembering Tennis by Patricia Gangas
Remembering Those Lovely College Years by Mardelle Fortier
Remembering with a Last Line by Neruda by Mary Jo Balistreri
Remembrance by Alan Harris
Reminder by Wilda Morris
Reminiscence by Candace Armstrong
Renaissance Hero by Barbara Eaton
Renewal by Pat Petros
Renovation by Irene Sedeora
Renovation by Candace Armstrong
Request To My Reader by Tom Roby
Requiem by Tom Roby
Resolutions by Michelle True
Respite by John L. Axtell
A Resurrection by Marguerite McClelland
A Retired English Teacher's Wish by Kate Hutchinson
retirement by Steven Kappes
retirement benefits (haiga) by S. Michael Kozubek
Retiring by jacob erin-cilberto
Retro Rant by John J. Gordon
Return of Spring by Goldie Ann Farkonas
returning by Lennart Lundh
The Returning by Patricia Gangas
Returning Kathy's Call by LarryTurner
Returning on April Fool's Day by MarkHudson
Reunion Gathering by Marie Samuel
Reunited by Larry Turner
Reverse Polarities by Susan T. Moss
Revision by Gail Goepfert
the revisions we never got to write by jacob erin-cilberto
Rewind by Caroline Johnson
Rich by Bonnie Manion
ride of my life by Steven Kappes
Ride On, President Jesus by Larry Turner
Riding the Planet by Sally Calhoun
Riding with Achilles by Wilda Morris
The Right Now by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Rimbaud's Cupboard by Jenene Ravesloot
Rimbaud's Paper Boat by Jenene Ravesloot
Ripple by Jill Angel Langlois
Risk by Donna Pucciani
The Risk Is Great by Gail Denham
River by Jill Angel Langlois
River Pair by Alan Harris
A River to Swim Across by Kathy Cotton
road between cornfields (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
River Sentinel by Marie Samuel
Road Trip by Susan T. Moss
Roaming Around by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
The Road by Hanh Chau
Robert Bly Comes to Town by Marie Asner
The Road to Concepcion by Larry Turner
Robins' nest foretells (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
The Rock of Tears by Rick Sadler
Roller Skater by Phil Flott
Rolling with the Thunder by Alan Harris
Romeo and Juliet by William Marr
Rond'a Vouz Gone A rye by Ina Perlmuter
The Room by Marcia Pradzinski
Room 77 - What Ruby Remembers by Wilda Morris
Room at the Inn by Court Williams
Room in Brooklyn by Mary Jo Balistreri
rooms for rent by jacob erin-cilberto
Root Women by Beth Staas
Rooted by Mardelle Fortier
The Rose by Barbara Voegeli
A Rose for Rosa by Chris Holaves
Rose Garden by Hanh Chau
Roses by Jill Angel Langlois
Roses by Alan Harris
A Roving Eye by John J. Gordon
Rules for Thrift Store Shopping by Bakul Banerjee
Running Errands by Court Williams
Russian Impressions by William Marr
rusted patio set (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher


Sacrament by Todd Possehl
Sacred Music by Emory D. Jones
Saddam's Noose by William Marr
Safe by Alan Harris
safe from the shrapnel by jacob erin-cilberto
Safe Passage by Marie Samuel
The Saga of the Stone by Sally Calhoun
Saint John's Church by James Conroy
Saint Luke's Summer by David Bond
Saint Mary's Woods by Bonnie Manion
Saint Robert by Rick Sadler
Sale of a 1997 Jaguar by Bonnie Manion
Salting Ash by Gail Goepfert
San Diego by Mark Hudson
Sanctuaries of Love by Irfanulla Shariff
Sandburg and Photograph by Lennart Lundh
Sanibel Stoop by Chuck Salmons
Santa's Interior Monologue by Alan Harris
Saturday Morning by Gail Denham
saturday night dance by Steven Kappes
Saturday Walk by Alan Harris
Saturn by Marguerite McClelland
Save What We Can by David LaRue Alexander
Savior by Richard Oberbruner
Saying Goodbye to My Oak by Marilyn Peretti
Scale by Lynn Fitzgerald
The Scarcity of bees by Mark Hudson
The scarf your father brought you by Lennart Lundh
A scent by Jenene Ravesloot
scent of cedars (haiga) by Tom Chockley
The Scent of Rain by Kathy Cotton
Scheherazade by John Pawlik
Scholars by Goldie Ann Farkonas
School Fire: Mrs. Klock Remembers by Mardelle Fortier
Science vs. religion by Mark Hudson
A scrap of paper by Jenene Ravesloot
Scrape off the Dirt by Bonnie Pignatiello Leer
Scrapers by Larry Turner
Scrapers by Jim Hanson
Scrolls by Wilda Morris
Scuba Autumn by John Pawlik
Sculpting in Snow by Wilda Morris
The Sea by Frank Hubeny
Sea O Sea by William Marr
seaglass and other things by Gail Goepfert
Sealed in One by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
searching for one word (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Searching for Road Signs by Glenna Holloway
Seaside by Maureen A. Geary
Seaside Beach by Jennifer Thiermann
Seasonal Greetings by William Marr
Seasonal Painting Instructions by Shirley Anne Leonard
Seasons Change by Susan T. Moss
Seasons of the Homeless (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Season's Greetings (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
second chances by Steven Kappes
The Second Coming by Wilda Morris
The Second Dawn by Tim Breitzmann
Second Home by Erin Schroeder
The Second Letter (Part 1) by David McKenna
The Second Letter (Part 2) by David McKenna
Second Opinion by Karen Hurley Kuchar
Secret Ingredient by Frank Hubeny
Sedimentary Rock by Jill Angel Langlois
See by Jill Angel Langlois
See here poise and ease by William L. Lederer (haiga)
Seeing Rain by Gari Light
Seeing Through Your Eyes by Syreeta L. Williams
Seeing Voices by Christine Cianciosi
Seeing with My Skin by Bonnie Manion
Seeking until Found by Alan Harris
Seeking Shelter by Gail Denham
Seine in Blue by Michael Escoubas
Seizing the Day by Charlotte Digregorio
Self Destruction by Sherri Smith
Self Portrait by David McKenna
Semper Fidelis by John Pawlik
Send Away the Clowns by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Sensing a Future by Alan Harris
Sentence by Alan Harris
Sentinels by Gail Denham
September Days by Goldie Ann Farkonas
September Morning by Mardelle Fortier
September Song by Mardelle Fortier
September wind brisk (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Serendipity Moments, Holidays by Gail Denham
Setting Sun by David McKenna
Seven Minutes before the Bombs Drop by Jared Smith
Serilian at the Elbo Room by Wilda Morris
Seventy-Two by Phillip Egelston
A Sewing Bag by Sally Calhoun
Shades of Summer by Charlotte Digregorio
Shadow by Farouk Masud
The Shadow of Christmas by David LaRue Alexander
shadowed tracks (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Shadows by David LaRue Alexander
Shame by Beth Staas
Shame by Mariana Al.Far
Sharing Copedom by Alan Harris
a shattered cafe by jacob erin-cilberto
Shavasana by Ruan Wright
She Did by Mariana Al.Far
She doesn't know I wrote this poem for her by Melissa Huff
She Left the World by Ivan Petryshyn
She Silently Weeps by David LaRue Alexander
She Speaks for Herself by Lennart Lundh
She Stood Apart by Court Williams
Sheen and Shadow by Mary Jo Balistreri
sheep circle the pasture (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
sheltering by Sheila Elliott
She's Getting Tired by John Trusty
shine abiding rays (haiga) by René Parks
shivering (haiga) by Tom Chockley
The Shooter by Candace Armstrong
Shopping Cheap by Alan Harris
Shoreline by Michael Escoubas
Shorelines by Doris Frey
A Short Poem by Michael Fevreletti
Should Get a Watch by Dan Fitzgerald
A Shrieking Baby by William Marr
Shy, Mimosa Pudica by Cielo Jones
side by side (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Sidewalk Sale by Beth Staas
the sidewalk's (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Sight Reading the Mountains by Glenna Holloway
signs and portents by Steven Kappes
Silence by Jill Angel Langlois
Silence by Patricia Gangas
Silence by Wilda Morris
Silence by William Vollrath
Silence Inside a Shell by Mardelle Fortier
The silence of dawn by Cielo Jones
the silence of war by Andrew Rafalski
silent cathedral (haiga) by Alan Harris
Silent Exchange by Alan Harris
Silo Derivatives by Bruce Amble
Silver Lining by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
the silver lining by Tom Chockley
The Silver Maple by Bonnie Manion
Silver-White Memories by Barbara Cagle Ray
Since I Have Become Male by Wilda Morris
Single Blessedness by Beth Staas
Single, Mother, Baby Mama, Madre Solo by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
sipping dark coffee (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Sipping Solitude by Camille A. Balla
Siren by Alan Harris
Sitting by flowers (haiga) by Alan Harris
Sitting on a Stump on a Cross-Country Ski Trail in July by Wilda Morris
six windows by Mike Schoenburg
Sixth Grade by James Reiss
Skarny the Aviation Garbageman by Bob McCarthy
Skater Enchanted by Mardelle Fortier
The Skeletons of Elephants by Mark Hudson
Skiing by Farouk Masud
Skill Graces by James L. Corcoran
Sky Diving by G. C. Rosenquist
sky gazing by Steven Kappes
Slavery by Karen Fullett-Christensen
The Slayer Experience by Farouk Masud
Sleep by Ruth La Sure
Sleep Peacefully by E. Izabelle Cassandra Alexander
Sleeping Bear Dunes, Upper Lake Michigan by Tom Moran
Sleepwalking by Shirley Anne Leonard
A Sleepy Morning by Ivan Petryshyn
sliding (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Sliding Plates by David McKenna
The Slightest Bit of Empty by Jill Angel Langlois
Slipping Away by Beth Staas
Slipping Away by Donna Pucciani
Slivers by Tom Moran
slow (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Small Comforts by Scott Frost
A Small Press Poet by Todd Possehl
Smoke and Color by Sherri Baker
Smokestacks by William Marr
Smoky Mountain Morning by Michael Escoubas
Smoldering by Jill Angel Langlois
Snake Road, LaRue Pine Hills by Kathy Cotton
Snow by Farouk Masud
Snow by James L. Corcoran
Snow Globe by Michael Escoubas
Snow in July by Pat Petros
Snow Spirit by Jean Henning
snowbird music jam by Steven Kappes
Snowflakes by James L. Corcoran
Snowflakes by Irfanulla Shariff
snowpack (haiga) by Tom Chockley
Snows by Kate Hutchinson
So Many Wings by Mardelle Fortier
So Real by Ina Perlmuter
So That He May Step into the Tender Light by Marcia Pradzinski
Soap Opera by Judith Tullis
Soap Opera #7 by Carol Dooley
Social Event by William Marr
Society of Vultures by Farouk Masud
Soft Angora Sweater by Kathy Cotton
Soil of Generations by Kathy Cotton
Solar Fire by Marilyn Huntman Giese
The Soldier's White Queen of Christmas by Rick Sadler
Sole Departure by Chris Holaves
Soliloquy by Jim Lambert
Solitary Thoughts by Charlotte Digregorio
The Solitude of Things by Cielo Jones
Solving Problems in 1983 by Jim Wilkerson
Some Roots Run Far by Kathy Robinson
Something Beautiful Remains by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Something to Accompany your Eggs and Toast by jacob erin-cilberto
Somewhere in this world (haiga) by Marcia Gutiérrez
The Song and Dance of Lindberg by Myron L. Stokes
Song at four-thirty (haiga) by Debbie Neal Crawford
Song Bird by William Marr
Song for the Oncologist by Kathy Cotton
Song of Chongquing by Tom Chockley
Song of a Continent by Larry Turner
The Song of Wind by James Conroy
The Song Poems: KISS THE RAIN by Ron Villejo
Songs of the Wind by Gail Denham
A Sonnet for Sunday by Candace Armstrong
Sonnet to My Sister: For Minnie Mouse by Carolyn Johnson
Sooner or later (haiga) by Alan Harris
The Sooty Mess Around Our Tree by Gail Denham
Soulful Slot by Carol Spelius
Souls on nightly life (haiga) by Rafael Lantigua Medina
A Soul's Song by Chris Holaves
The Sound of Dust by Todd Possehl
Sound Off! by William L. Lederer
Sounds by William Vollrath
Souvenir by Pat Petros
Spaces by Donna Pucciani
Sparrow Down by Donna Pucciani
Sparrows Falling from the Sky by Christine Swanberg
Special by Farouk Masud
Speeding by William Marr
Spell by Mardelle Fortier
Spent by Charlotte Digregorio
Spherical Skies by Andrew Rafalski
Spider Web: Zero-G by James L. Corcoran
Spiders by Donna Pucciani
Spirit by Sally Calhoun
Spirit Searching by Regina Young
Spirits Shout Still by Chris Holaves
Spooked by Janice Doppler
Spring by Maureen A. Geary
Spring afternoon clouds (haiga) by Irfanulla Shariff
Spring Announces by Gail Denham
Spring at the Lake by Bonnie Manion
Spring Break by Mary Jo Balistreri
Spring Break is Almost Here, a Bref Double by Jennifer Dotson
Spring Car Ride through Time by Candace Armstrong
Spring Cleaning by Carole R. Bolinski
Spring Has Barely Begun by William Marr
Spring. It Is To Laugh by Gail Denham
Spring Magic by Sherri Baker
Spring on the Prairie by Marie Asner
Spring Patience by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Spring Rain by Kathy Cotton
spring rain again (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Spring Rendezvous by Susan T. Moss
Spring Thaw by Susan T. Moss
Spring Thaw by Larry Turner
Spring unencumbered (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Spring Whispers by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
A Springtime Morning by Cathy Lou Pearson
Squirrel Season by John Pawlik
Squirrels by Arthur Voellinger
St. Blaise by Donna Pucciani
St. Joseph's Retreat Center, Room 8 by Wilda Morris
A Stalk of Corn in November by Myron L. Stokes
Stalking the Wild S-Word by David McKay
Standing with Ukraine by Gari Light
Standoff by Judith Tullis
Star by Arthur Voellinger
Star Cast by Pat Petros
Star Constellations by Bonnie Manion
Stark in winter's wind by Alan Harris
Starlets on parade (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Starry Night by John Pawlik
Stars by Michael Galati
The stars still shine by David LaRue Alexander
Starter Problem by Tom Roby
A stay on the Georgian Bay by Mark Hudson
Stay Strong by Undra' Ware Sr.
Stay the Course by Susan T. Moss
The Stem by Mark Hudson
Step-Grandmother by Carole R. Bolinski
The Stepmother Blues by Carole R. Bolinski
Steps on the Way to Eden and Beyond: The Sequel by Wilda Morris
Still Discovering the Wheel by Glenna Holloway
Still fit to resound with the music of the ancients, by Jenene Ravesloot
still life by Marcia Pradzinski
The Still of Noise by Charlotte Digregorio
Still Smiling by Kathy Cotton
Stops on the Way to Eden and Beyond: The Movie by Larry Turner
Stone by Donna Pucciani
Stone Cold Home by Carol Marcus
Stone Forest in Kunming, China by William Marr
stone rosettes by Tom Chockley
Stopwatch by Jason Sturner
Storm by Alan Harris
The Storm by Gail Denham
Storm Coming by Theresa Broemmer
Storm Tea by Alan Harris
Stormy Night by Irfanulla Shariff
The Story of Childhood by Mardelle Fortier
The Straight Ones by Wilda Morris
Straight to the Chaser by G. C. Rosenquist
Strange Grounds by Mark Hudson
Strangler Fig from the Canopy by Maureen Tolman Flannery
straw hat by Steven Kappes
Strawberry Night Light by Carol Marcus
Stray by Alan Harris
A Street Here Quiet and Undefined by Sheila Elliott
Street Magician by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Street Portrait: Detroit by Margery Parsons
Streets Paved with Gold by Beth Staas
Strides by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
A String of Islands by Melissa Huff
The Struggle by Beth Staas
studying family by Steven Kappes
Subject: The flower she is by Hanh Chau
Subway by Wilda Morris
Subway Singer by Sheila Elliott
Success by Cathy Lou Pearson
succubus by John Pawlik
A sucker is born every minute, but children are precious by Mark Hudson
Sudden Storm by Scott Shaffer
Suet delicious by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
The Suitcase by Sherri Baker
The Summer by Marie Samuel
summer afternoon by Carol Dooley
Summer Day by Lennart Lundh
Summer Garden by Kathy Cotton
Summer Haircuts by Michael Escoubas
Summer in Antarctica by Usha Mahisekar
Summer it seems by Donna Pucciani
Summer koalas (haiga) by Irfanulla Shariff
Summer Legacy by Susan T. Moss
Summer Lite by Carol Dooley
Summer Motif by Pat Petros
Summer of 1973 by Caroline Johnson
The Summer of Sadness, little miracles, and God's grace by Mark Hudson
Summer on Lake Michigan by Charlotte Digregorio
Summer willow tree by Irfanulla Shariff
summer's lament by Marcia Pradzinski
Summer's Last by Marcia Pradzinski
Summer's Lease by Donna Pucciani
Summerscapes by Charlotte Digregorio
Sun by Alan Harris
The Sun Over Lake Michigan by Charlotte Digregorio
Sunbathing by Barbara Funke
Sunday Football by Jennifer Thiermann
Sunday Mornin' by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Sunday Morning Breakthrough by Wilda Morris
Sunday Morning Thoughts by Candace Armstrong
Sunday Music by Carol Dooley
Sunday Profundity by Alan Harris
Sundown at the Old Barn by Earl V. Fischer
Sunset by William Marr
Sunshine by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
sunshine and sandstone (haiga) by Frank Hubeny
Sunshine Market by Michael Escoubas
Sunshine Scarf by William Marr
Superior by Lee Johnson
Supporting Casts by William Marr
Suppose by Alan Harris
surgery by jacob erin-cilberto
Surprise Lilies by Michael Escoubas
Surviving Katrina by David McKenna
Surviving Katrina - Part Two by David McKenna
Surviving Katrina - Part Three by David McKenna
Survivor by Undra' Ware Sr
Swan Lake by Mardelle Fortier
Sweep around Your Own Front Door by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Sweet Chestnut by Nancy Ann Schaefer
Sweet Dreams by John E. Slota
Sweet Lady of December by Rick Sadler
Sweet Violet by Idella Pearl Edwards
The Sweetest Fragrance by Irfanulla Shariff
The Sweetness of Doing Nothing by Kathy Cotton
Swimming Freestyle with My Mother by Susan T. Moss
Swimming in Springtime by Mark Hudson
Swing Dancing by Barbara Eaton
Swiss Timepiece Shaped Like a Blue Perfume Bottle by Tom Roby
The Switch by William Vollrath
Switchblade Timmy by Mark Hudson
Sydney Opera House by William Marr
symphony by Steven Kappes
Symphony of the Rain by Pat Petros


A T-Shirt's Perspective by Carole R. Bolinski
Table Grace by Alan Harris
Tadasana by Ruan Wright
Take a Good Long Look by David LaRue Alexander
Taking My Dog Fishing by William Vollrath
A Talented Poet by Mary O. Monical
Talents by Ivan Petryshyn
Tales from the Hoodie (for Trayvon Martin) by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Talk talk talk (haiga) by William L. Lederer
Talk to Me by Rafael Lantigua Medina
Talking Outloud by Kathy Cotton
Talking to Guilt by Wilda Morris
tall grass (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Tally Ho by William L. Lederer
Tangled in the Wreckage by Lennart Lundh
The Tango by Teresa Harris
Taotaomona (Tah-tah-mon-nah) by Rick Sadler
Target by William Marr
Tavern Talk by Alan Harris
Tear by jacob erin-cilberto
tears spilled on the candle by jacob erin-cilberto
A Teaspoonful by Ida Kotyuk
Telling the Truth by Kathy Cotton
Technicolor Adventure by Mardelle Fortier
Tempest by David LaRue Alexander
Tempest by Candace Armstrong
Tempestuous Delight by John E. Slota
The Temple of Apollo by William Marr
Temporary Bliss by Mark Hudson
Ten by Melissa Huff
A Tenant of the Current by Tom Moran
Tending to Winter by Kathryn P. Haydon
Terra Infirma by Judith Tullis
Terrazo by Bonnie Manion
testimony by Marcia Pradzinski
Texas Hospitality by Mardelle Fortier
Thank Heaven for Little Girls by Doreen Ambrose Van-Lee
Thank You Lord by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Thanking the Sweet Silence by Alan Harris
Thanksgiving by Tom Moran
Thanksgiving 2022 by Mark Hammerschick
Thanksgiving with dysfunctional families by Mark Hudson
That Didn't Happen, but Something Did by jacob erin-cilberto
That Evening in the Fall by Gari Light
That's How You Keep the Fire Alive by Cielo Jones
That tongue whips through the air on a buzz. by William L. Lederer
their tempest by William Carey
Them Fillers by Cielo Jones
The Therapist by Deborah Vitello
Therapy by David LaRue Alexander
There Is More by Gwen Ames
There lies a beauty of her by Hanh Chau
There's a Woman by Lennart Lundh
There's a Word for It by Curt Vevang
There's War by Sandra M. Bringer
These Days by Bonnie Manion
These Things by Jason Sturner
These Winds That Carry Me Away by Patricia Gangas
These Words by Richard Oberbruner
They by Sherri Baker
They Fly by Steven Schroeder
They Said It Wouldn't Last But Rap Music Has Had a Very Long Past...
Celebrating Fifty Years Of Rap Music
by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
They Wear the Crown by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
The Thief by Marguerite McClelland
Thilbert Adams by John L. Axtell
Thin As Bone by Jim Sullivan
Things You Can Do with Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel by Jenene Ravesloot
Think for a moment by Donna Pucciani
third eye (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Thirty Years War by Mark Hudson
this by Steven Kappes
this American family (haiga) by Barbara Robinette
This Dark Day - Part I by Jim Valencia
This Holy Place by Beth Staas
This is a love poem about 1-900 numbers by Johanna Haas
This is a Sonnet About That Bonnet by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
this night (haiga) by Barbara Robinette
This Old Heart of Stone by David LaRue Alexander
This Old Soldier by Caroline Johnson
This Place by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
This Present Reality Lasts Forever by Phil Flott
This Room by Patricia Gangas
This Stonehaven World by Larry Turner
This Tall World by Kathy Cotton
this train by Donna Pucciani
This Year's Geraniums by Marguerite McClelland
Thomas Edward Mangus by Court Williams
Those Years of Yesterday by LeRoy Dean
Thought By Now I'd Know by Karen H. Honnold
thought-fish by Ruan Wright
A Thoughtful Wind by Carole R. Bolinski
Thoughtless Moment by John Quinn
Thoughts Before My Mastectomy by Caroline Johnson
Thoughts Sitting on a Winter Fence by Tom Moran
A Thousand Tons of Light by Mardelle Fortier
Three and One by Lennart Lundh
Three Haiku by Tom Chockley
Three Haiku by Janice Doppler
Three Oaks by John Pawlik
Three Peonies by Patrice Claeys
Three Ply by Ruan Wright
Three Roses in Heaven by Rick Sadler
Three Sweet Leaves by Jan Presley
Three Tastes of China by Tom Chockley
Throbbing by Mardelle Fortier
Through My Picture Window by Sally Calhoun
Through Sad Eyes by Curt Vevang
through storms (haiga) by S. Michael Kozubek
thunderbolts today (haiga) by Alan Harris
Thunderstorm by William Marr
thursday by Alan Harris
Tilia americana by Candace Armstrong
timbered whispers by jacob erin-cilberto
Time by Hanh Chau
Time Alone by Crystal L. Goss
Time Change, Capodarco by Donna Pucciani
Time Flying by Donna Pucciani
time invisible (haiga) by William L. Lederer
Time Travel by Sherri Baker
Time Travel by Bonnie Manion
Time Tripping by Sherri Baker
Timeless Capsule by William Marr
Timeless Grace by Barbara Funke
Timeless Toss by Arthur Voellinger
Tiny Sparrow Feet by Michael Lee Johnson
Tiny Trickle of Red by Kathy Cotton
The Tipple (Ars Poetica) by David Bond
'Tis Seasonal by Goldie Ann Farkonas
'Tis the Season by James Tosh
To a Refugee Vetted for Three Years by Kathy Cotton
To a Son by Marguerite McClelland
To a Veteran by Marguerite McClelland
To a Young Buck by Candace Armstrong
To an Acquaintance by Keith Skilling
To Argue with a Mountain by William Marr
To Argue with Your Shadow by William Marr
To Christopher Columbus - Your Fifth Voyage and Beyond by Wilda Morris
To Color an Angel by Rick Sadler
To Each Lost Love Its Elegy by Lennart Lundh
To Jack K. by Bakul Banerjee
To music by Beth Staas
To My Unknown Cousins by Donna Pucciani
To October by Michael Escoubas
To Orion by Terry Slaney
To Tame the Sea by Kate Hutchinson
To the Eight Hundred Thousand DACA Children, from one Cancer Survivor by Caroline Johnson
To the Owl by Mardelle Fortier
To Wake Up To by Alan Harris
Toast by Michael Escoubas
touch of wind (haiga) by Kathy Cotton
Todai-ji by I. F. Miller
Today by Farouk Masud
Today's Anthem by Irfanulla Shariff
Today's Song by Irfanulla Shariff
Today's winter sky by Michael Escoubas
Together by Alan Harris
Together by David LaRue Alexander
Together Alone by Joe Glaser
Tommy's Place by Susan T. Moss
Too Cold to Snow by Steven Schroeder
Too Many by Margery Parsons
Too Much of a Good Thing by Carole R. Bolinski
the torch passed by jacob erin-cilberto
Tornado by Carole R. Bolinski
The Tornadoes of April 2011 by Rick Sadler
Torrential Talk by Kathy Cotton
Torturing the Soul by Cassandra Crossing
Total Lunar Eclipse by Irfanulla Shariff
Touched by the Sacred by Mary Jo Balistreri
Towards September by James L. Corcoran
The Tower at Giant City Park by David Bond
Toxic Tokens by Bakul Banerjee
Tracks by Wilda Morris
Trade-In ? by David LaRue Alexander
Tradition by Janice Doppler
A Traffic Stop Yule Remember! by David LaRue Alexander
Tragedy Refined by William R. Harshbarger
The Trail to Anini Beach by Bonnie Manion
Trailmobile by David Bond
Train to Chicago by Candace Armstrong
Train Ride to Nowhere, Kansas by Mari Asner
Trains by Wilda Morris
Traitor Sky by Wilda Morris
Tranquil Ivory by Jill Angel Langlois
Tranquility Lake by Lucia Haase
Transactions by Rita Yager
Transcendence by Susan T. Moss
Transformation by Patricia Gangas
Transience by Susan Spaeth Cherry
Transmigration by William Marr
Transmutation by Susan T. Moss
Transience by Candace Armstrong
The Transition by Farouk Masud
Travel Questionnaire by Herb Berman
Traveling by Amelia Cotter
Traveling Light by Susan T. Moss
Treadmill Days by Gail Denham
A Tree by William Marr
The Tree by Karen H. Honnold
Tree and the Summer Sun by William Marr
Tree becomes a wall (haiga) by Rafael Lantigua Medina
a tree is a tree is a tree by Herb Berman
Tree shapes by Daniel S. Weinberg
Trees of Old & New by Marie Samuel
Treetops by Julie Isaacson
Trevi Fountain by William Marr
Triangles by Donna Pucciani
A Tribute by Sherri Smith
A Tribute to the Illuminated Woman of World War II by Irfanulla Shariff
Triceratops: A Dinosaur Mystery Solved by Larry Turner
tried to buy the sun (haiga) by Alan Harris
Trinity by Donna Pucciani
Trips to Goodwill by Carole R. Bolinski
Triumphant Returns After Pandemic by Bakul Banerjee
Trouble at the trunk (haiga) by Alan Harris
Trout Fishing Along The Alagash by Jared Smith
Troy, City of Sorrows by Christopher Kuhl
Trucker Haiga (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
Try This at Home by Robert Klein Engler
Trying to Figure Out What to Wear by jacob erin-cilberto
Tuesday Morning by Barbara Robinette
Tulip Time by Michael Escoubas
Turning by Candace Armstrong
Turning into Memory by Mardelle Fortier
Turning Point by Pat Petros
Turning to Our Latest Disaster by Gail Denham
Twelfth Night by Beth Staas
Twelve Lines by William Marr
Twelve Rounds by David P. Eldridge
Twilight by Bakul Banerjee
twilight clouds by Barbara Robinette
Twilight in Winter by Charlotte Digregorio
Twists and Turns by Charlotte Digregorio
Two by Jill Angel Langlois
Two Birds in a Tree by Alan Harris
Two Butterflies by Marguerite McClelland
two lines by Tom Chockley
Two Men in a Boat by Michael Escoubas
Two Pandas by Chris Holaves
Two Weeks In by Bonnie Manion
Two Windows by Alan Harris
Two Worlds by Georgiann Foley
Two Wrinkles in Bliss by Alan Harris


An Unauthorized Beatles' Dysfunctional Love Poem, For No One (tribute to the Fab Four) by jacob erin-cilberto
The Ultimate Life by Irfanulla Shariff
The Uncertainty Principle by Beth Staas
Unclosed Loops by Alan Harris
Under a Canopy of Golden Chestnut Trees by Mary Jo Balistreri
Under a White Umbrella by Susan Donahue
Under Black Willows by John Pawlik
Under Currents by John E. Slota
Under the moonlight (haiga) by Debbie Neal Crawford
Undershirt by Donna Pucciani
Underwater Lily Mysteries Tease Us by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
unease by Steven Kappes
Unfinished Song by William Marr
Universal Needs by Marie Samuel
The Unrelenting Clouds by Carole R. Bolinski
unrelenting wind by David Gross
The Unruly Child by Idella Pearl Edwards
The unsaid word by John Quinn
Until Next Time by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
Untitled by Tim Breitzmann
Untitled by Carol Dooley
untitled by David Gross
Untitled by John Quinn
Untitled by Syreeta L. Williams
Untitled by Undra' Ware Sr.
Untrampled Foliage by Sheila Elliott
An Unwelcome Abundance by Edwina Kadera
Up or Down by Marie Samuel
Up They Grew by James Tosh
Uplifting Gift by Rita Yager
Upon Awakening after Bypass Surgery by Bonnie Manion
Urban Paranoia by James Conroy
An Urban Snapshot by Bonnie Manion
Us. Them. by Christopher Kuhl


Vacation by Bob McCarthy
A Valentine by Candace Armstrong
The Valley of Butterflies by Irfanulla Shariff
Valentine's Day Photo by Mark Hudson
The Value of Knowledge by Lennart Lundh
Valued Moments by Arthur Vollinger
Variations on a Theme by William Carlos Williams by William Marr
Variations on the Theme of Paradise by Herb Berman
The Veggie Prayer by Idella Pearl Edwards
Veneer by Lael Laning
Vernon's White Onions by Doris Lueth Stengel
A Very Merry Christmas by Doris Frey
Vespers by Marcia Pradzinski
Vestiges by Sally Calhoun
Vexed by James L. Corcoran
Victim and Memory by Phillip Egelston
View from Inside, Mid-April 2020 by Candace Armstrong
The View from My Balcony by Farouk Masud
View From My Kitchen Window on Valentine's Day by Cielo Jones
The Viewing by Susan T. Moss
Vigil by Michael Escoubas
Vigil by Kathleen Murphy
Vintage Wine by William Marr
Violin Forest by Patty Dickson Pieczka
The Virgin Mary by Rick Sadler
The Virgin Mary's Christmas Jingle by Rick Sadler
The Virgin Mary's Personified Garden by Rick Sadler
Virgin Mother by Rick Sadler
Virus in the Air, Spasms in My Back by Michael Lee Johnson
A Vision by Alan Harris
Vision for 2024 by Michael Escoubas
Visioned by Tom Roby
Visions of Time by Andrew Rafalski
Visit by Frank Hubeny
Visit from Ridiculous by Paul Buchheit
Visitation by M. E. Hope
Visiting the Relatives by Jill Angel Langlois
A Visitor by William Marr
Vital Signs by Sherri Baker
Vivid blue stitches (haiga) by Judith Stern Friedman
Vocabulary by Marcia Pradzinski
Voices by Tom Moran
Voices of Touch by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Vulture wing by Nancy Ann Schaefer


Waiting by Carole R. Bolinski
waiting (haiga) by Barbara Robinette
The Waiting by Debbie Neal Crawford
Waiting for Spring by Robert Coté
Waiting for the Day To Turn Decent by Carole R. Bolinski
Waiting for the End by Kathy Cotton
Waiting for the Muse by Patty Dickson Pieczka
Waiting for the Rooster by Kathy Cotton
Waiting on the Cicadas by Colleen McManus Hein
The Waiting Room by Mike Ruhland
Waking to Wonder by Mary Jo Balistreri
Waking with the Muse by Patty Dickson Piezcka
Walk by Alan Harris
Walk in My Moccasins by Teresa Harris
A Walk in the Park by James Tosh
walking in the park (haiga) by Barbara Robinette
Walking Through by James L. Corcoran
Walking Through Woods in Spring by Barbara Robinette
Walking with Pablo Neruda by Wilda Morris
Walking Without You by Wilda Morris
The Wall by Chris Holaves
Wall Street Interest by Chris Holaves
The Wall You Built by Bonnie Manion
wallflower by Jennifer Thiermann
Walls by Theresa Glover
Wandering across the Stones by Marie Samuel
Wandering Home by Marie Samuel
Wanting by Alan Harris
Wanting to See the Amazon by Wilda Morris
War by Bob McCarthy
Warm black by Jenene Ravesloot
Warmth by Steven Kappes
Warrior by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Washing Windows by Alan Harris
Waste Not Summer by Charlotte Digregorio
Wastebasket by William Marr
Watching Him Read by Donna Pucciani
Watching No Baseball by Alan Harris
Watching the Sunrise on the Mountaintop by William Marr
Watching NOVA by Jan Presley
Watching Sunset at the Seashore by William Marr
Water by Irfanulla Shariff
Water by Diane Lotko Baker
The Water by Alan Harris
Water Flow by Arthur Voellinger
Water In Its Fluid Beauty by Patricia A. Hare
The Water Sign by David McKay
Waverly Hills by Christine Cianciosi
Waves Make Waves by Vince Letto
WCW by Richard Oberbruner
We Are Not Alone by John E. Slota
We Are Squirrel - Prelude by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
We buried Daddy by Lennart Lundh
We Can String It Along For A While by Michael Freveletti
We Imagine We Are Wanted by Phil Flott
We met and missed each other by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
We Played Gin Rummy by Barbara Robinette
We R Touched by Bob McCarthy
We Wrapped Ourselves in a Curtain by Mardelle Fortier
We R Touched by Bob McCarthy
We  We  We by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
Weather Forecast by Alan Harris
Weaving the Stories by Kathy Cotton
Webster's Procession by jacob erin-cilberto
the Wedding Band by jacob erin-cilberto
The week before CHRISTMAS 2011 by Doris Frey
The Weight of Bones by Kathy Cotton
Weightless by James Conroy
Welcome by Sister Meg Holden, FSP
Welcome by Barbara Funke
West Nile Queen by Donna Pucciani
West Lake In Hangzhou, China by William Marr
Western glow fading (haiga) by Alan Harris
Westward Home by Pamela D. Hirte
Wet Dream by Farouk Masud
wet silence (haiga) by Tom Chockley
We've Got Mail by Susan T. Moss
What About Santa? by John E. Slota
What Christmas Really Means by Larry Turner
What Do You See? by David LaRue Alexander
What Else Is New? by Glenna Holloway
What Fritz Told Me by Susan T. Moss
What God Has For Me...Is For Me by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
What Have You Done? by John Wolf
What I Believe by Bonnie Manion
What I Learned That Lost Month (III) by Marie Samuel
What I Like about Poetry by Michael Escoubas
What I Saw at the Saw Room by Mark Hudson
What Is Art? by Patricia A. Hare
What Is Lost by Mike Ruhland
What Is Love by Marge Samuel
What Is the Meaning of Life by Tim Breitzmann
What JunoCam Saw by Kate Hutchinson
what lies buried by Steven Kappes
What Makes Us Whole by Karen Fullett-Christensen
What Rabbits Know by Michael Escoubas
What Remains by Mary Jo Balistreri
What Was by Sherri Baker
What's Wrong? by Undra' Ware Sr.
What Star in the Sky by Job Conger
What Stays by Mary Jo Balistreri
What the Night Offers by John Wolf
What the Waves Brought In by Jenene Ravesloot
What To Do with the Rest of Your Life by Wilda Morris
What to Eat When You Will Not Eat the Doe's Heart by Jan Presley
What We Had by David Gross
What we had was "Real" by David LaRue Alexander
when (haiga) by Tom Chockley
When a Stranger Calls by Jill Angel Langlois
when format is all we have by jacob erin-cilberto
When I heard by Wilda Morris
When I Knew by Wilda Morris
When I Think of Oceans by Michael Escoubas
When It's Time To Go by Jared Smith
When Poems Are Still by Alan Harris
when the clouds become us by jacob erin-cilberto
When We Were Young by Marie Samuel
When You Read to Me in Polish by Patty Dickson Pieczka
When You Were... by Tim Breitzmann
When Your Former Lover's Getting by Job Conger
Where???????? by Jean Henning
Where Am I? by Marie Samuel
Where Are You? by Marjorie Rissman
Where Eagles Fly by Gail Goepfert
Where Has All the Water Gone by Carole R. Bolinski
Where Have All the Rhymesters Gone? by Curt Vevang
Where Is Eternity? by Michelle L. W. Utendahl
Where Did the Rainbow Go? by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
Where Do Puffins Go? by Bakul Banerjee
Where Is the Spring? by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
While I Paint by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
Whispered Prayers by E. B. Dreier
Whispering People by Christine Cianciosi
Whistler and Mozart by Michael Escoubas
White by William Marr
The White Cabbage Butterfly by Wilda Morris
The White Lady of Guam by Rick Sadler
white lichen (haiga) by Tom Chockley
White Marble Sugar Cubes, by Jenene Ravesloot
White Robes by Donna Pucciani
White Wonderland of Tennessee by Barbara Lauderdale Hearn
Whitman at a Grain Depot by James Reiss
Winter by Hahn Chau
Who are our heroes? by Mark Hudson
Who Are You? by Jim Lambert
Who times Time and notes (haiga) by Alan Harris
Who You Were by Jim Hanson
Whoever Built Chopin by Alan Harris
Why Do I Write? by Idella Pearl Edwards
Wicked Rhyme by Farouk Masud
The Widow and the Rescue Cat by Kathy Cotton
Wild Bill Hickock, Lives on Lookout Mountain, Musings by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
Wild Rabbit on the Run by Rick Sadler
Wild Trees Dance to Winter Winds by Gail Denham
Wildflowers of the Midwest by Bonnie Manion
The Willows by Edward J. Herdrich
Wind Friend by Gwen Ames
Wind Instrument by Jill Angel Langlois
Wind Point by John Pawlik
wind ruffles thatch browns by Tom Chockley
Windmill Cookies by Jill Angel Langlois
Window by William Marr
winds silent by Tom Chockley
Windy Days by Farouk Masud
Wing Walker by Cassandra McGovern
Wings by Larry Turner
Wings by Michael Escoubas
Wings II (Flown Away) by Bonnie Manion
Winter by James L. Corcoran
Winter by Usha Mahisekar
Winter by Hahn Chau
Winter Berries by Donna Pucciani
Winter Blues by David LaRue Alexander
Winter Dim by Charlotte Digregorio
Winter from Below by Jason Sturner
Winter Lights by Jill Angel Langlois
winter morning (haiga) by Janice Doppler
Winter Reverie by Susan T. Moss
Winter Romance by Pamela D. Hirte
Winter Sky on Fire by Michael Escoubas
Winter Solstice by Karen Fullett-Christensen
Winter Spell by Wilda Morris
Winter Sunrise in Illinois' Hill Country by Michael Escoubas
Winter Trees by Chris Holaves
Winter Twilight by Michael Escoubas
Winter Up to Here by Gail Denham
Winter Comes by Robert Coté
Winter hues by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
Winter in Chicago by Margery Parsons
Winter Snap Shots by Patricia A. Hare
Winter Twilight by Sally Calhoun
Winterbloom by Jason Sturner
Winternet Banter by John E. Slota
Winter's Cold Is Blue by Gus Wilhelmy
Winter's Last Call by Jill Angel Langlois
Winter's Magic by Keith Skilling
Winter's Swan Song by Marie Samuel
Wisconsin Band by Mark Hudson
Wish List by jacob erin-cilberto
Wispy Weekends by Marilyn Peretti
Witchy Halloween by Michael Lee Johnson
With All My Love, Your Father by Myron L. Stokes
With Hidden Noise by Jenene Ravesloot
With You by Donna Pucciani
Withdrawal by Larry Turner
Withered by Marthalyn Dale Smith
Without A TEST There Is No TESTIMONY by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Without Shoes by Christine Swanberg
Without Touch by Kathy Cotton
wolf by Michael Scott
The Wolf by the Bed by Mardelle Fortier
Wolf Dream by Donna Pucciani
Woman, Dakota Territory by Melissa Huff
A Woman in the Christmas House by Rick Sadler
Woman in Winter Woods by Lennart Lundh
Woman with a Parasol by Michael Escoubas
Woman Wrapped in Orange by Mary Jo Balistreri
Wonder and Awe by Bonnie Manion
Wonder Woman Is in My Yoga Class by Jennifer Dotson
Wonders, nature gifts (haiga) by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko
wooded hills... (haiga) by Charlotte Digregorio
Woodpecker by Donna Pucciani
Woodstock by John Pawlik
Word Hunger by Sally Calhoun
Words by Marguerite McClelland
Words by Karen Fullett-Christensen
The Words by Candace Armstrong
Words for My Friend by William Carey
Words of Stone by David LaRue Alexander
Work Is My Vacation! by David LaRue Alexander
Working Backward by Lennart Lundh
Working It Out by René Parks
working the barre (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
World by Alan Harris
The World is Dark by E. Izabelle Cassandra Alexander
The World That Once Was by Christopher Kuhl
The World's Fair by Mark Hudson
Worm by Ruan Wright
Wounds by Michelle True
Wrigley Field by Bob McCarthy
Writer at Rest by Barbara Funke
The Writer's Life by Mark Hudson
Written in Church #2 by Richard Oberbruner


XIV by John Pawlik


Yards along the Highway by Gail Denham
Year 2001 by Undra' Ware Sr.
Year End Prayer by Larry Turner
The Year of the Horse by Mark Hudson
Year of the Snake by Mark Hudson
The Year the Herbs Went Wild by Wilda Morris
Yearbooks by John Pawlik
Yellow Leaves in Sunlight by Jill Angel Langlois
Yesterday's Snow by Bonnie Manion
Yield by Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty
yoga studio (haiga) by Cynthia Gallaher
York Harbor by Pat Petros
Yorktown Mall by John Pawlik
You by Bonnie Manion
You Are an Artist by Idella Pearl Edwards
You Can Live Again by Teresa Harris
You Can't Escape My Love by Barbara Lauderdale Hearn
You Know What They Say by Bob McCarthy
You Know What They Say by Bob McCarthy
YOU SAID by Phil Flott
You smoke a joint with some pals, by Jenene Ravesloot
You Speak of Med School Cadavers by Jan Presley
Young Love by Larry Turner
Young Night by Frank Hubeny
A Younger Friend by Alan Harris
Your Departure by Chris Holaves
Your Forever Little Girl by Sherri Baker
Your Hand by Donna Pucciani
Your Last Haircut by Jill Angel Langlois
Your Love Is What? by E Valentine Fischer
Your Loving Touch (2017) by David LaRue Alexander
Your Natural Glorified Form by Dr. S. V. Rama Rao
Your place in the world by Thom Schmidt
Your Thoughts and Prayers by Edward J. Herdrich
Your World by David LaRue Alexander
You've Got Mail! by Barbara Cagle Ray


The Zen of Mining by Nancy Ann Schaefer
The Zoo by Paul J. Wolf, Ph.D
Zoo Gorilla by Donna Pucciani
Zoo Rhinos by Gail Denham
zZtttttttStones by Ina Perlmuter